Master of International BusinessClass Profile - Manuela Marti

Manuela Marti


What made me pick the MIB

I chose to pursue a Master in International Business at Florida International University because I was looking to expand my knowledge in global business. Given my Bachelors in Economics, I wanted to concentrate on having a global mindset not only in economics but in the multinational atmosphere most companies live in today. Globalization has made modern businesses have the need to expand in multiple countries to be successful, and this is what this program is about. At the same time, this is one of the best programs offered at Florida International University, and I wanted to be a part of a school recognized nationwide in this field.

My favorite core class that I took while in the program

While I thoroughly enjoyed all my classes during the Master of International Business program, my favorite core class in the program has to be the Master Project during my last semester. During this course, I was able to put all my knowledge to test in a consulting project for a real firm. In my case, I got to work with iSAW, an American organization that looks to find equity and equality for women around the world. I specifically looked into health and safety concerns for the women that resided in Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, The United Kingdom, and Singapore. This initiative enlightened me about what is happening to women worldwide and how much works need to be done for women to find equality. This project is something I will remember forever.

What I will use from the MIB in my future

The MIB program allowed me to expand my knowledge in 21st-century business models and provided me with the tools I lacked in my bachelor's for my specific career plans. I have been offered a full-time role in one of the most global private financial institutions in the country. The combination of economics and international business will allow me to advance my career in this field further. This program has provided me with soft skills like presenting, teamwork, and public speaking. These are key elements to success in any area that I choose, whether it is in business or not.

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