Master of International BusinessClass Profile - Jhenell Kitson

Jhenell Kitson


What made me pick the MIB program over other programs

I was attracted to the Master of International Business program at FIU because of its academic reputation and the prestige that comes with the international trip. The program gives the cohort the ability to have hands-on experience working with a corporation in an emerging international market; this was the main appeal.

My favorite core class in the program

Contextual Intelligence. MAN6657. Professor Fred Walumbwa speaks to the human side of the business. Too often, we are inundated with terms such as bottom line, KPIs, margins, deliverables, etc. What Prof. Walumbwa did was shift that focus to the resource that is human capital.

How I have been able to incorporate some of the topics covered in the MIB into my professional career

During my time in the master's program, I was promoted to strategic manager for the Jamaica District at Sherwin Williams. Working with a developing market to create strategies to increase productivity, healthy margins, and the overall bottom line has been an easier process. Thanks to the MIB program, I am now equipped with the knowledge of megatrends and how they are shaping the future of business. In my decision-making process, I am thinking about these trends and creating strategies to face them.

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