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Master of Science in Finance

A Solid Return on Investment

Repeatedly ranked among the best of its kind in the world, FIU’s Master of Science in Finance program boasts an in-depth curriculum enabling you to apply financial strategy to challenging, real-world business decisions.

As a University Affiliation Program with the CFA Institute, this program offers excellent preparation for Level I of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam and readies you for a wide spectrum of higher-level financial roles. The specialty areas available for finance professionals are limitless, including corporate finance, investment advisory services, fund management, mergers and acquisitions, international finance, commercial and investment banking, FinTech, and more.

You can choose to pursue this one year MS in Finance program fully in-person or fully online.



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Complete this degree in just 12-months


Choose between 4 specializations: Financial Management, International Banking, Investments, and Financial Innovations

  • Acquire a strong base of knowledge in finance
  • Choose between two formats: In-person or fully online
  • Be prepared for the CFA exam

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Unique Features

Cohort based, lock-step program

All students begin the program at the same time and process through the courses together

Joint degree option

Enables you to combine a Master of Science in Finance with other graduate business programs

Finance workshop

Available to all incoming students in order to refresh financial skills

Career Opportunities

Access to our popular Career Services

By The Numbers

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