Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)Program Costs

Basic tuition costs and one-time* fees for the DBA program are $74,174.96 for the three-year, 75-credit-hour program. Tuition does not cover the costs associated with conference travel, residency (travel to Miami, meals, and lodging) and books and materials.

We recognize that attending the Chapman Graduate School of Business and pursuing your DBA degree is a significant investment of time and money. We have a dedicated financial aid specialist within our college to assist prospective and current students on various options to finance your DBA degree. Students pursuing a DBA degree at Florida International University may apply for financial aid even before they are admitted into the program, this way you can ensure that your financial aid application is complete by the time you are admitted and a financial aid package is processed prior to the start of classes. To learn more please visit the Financial Aid page page. Scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships are not available for the DBA program.

*A $200 non-refundable deposit and a $1,500 Professional Development Seminar fee is required at time of admission. Both fees will be credited towards your tuition and fees in the first semester.


Tuition/Fee item # of credits/
$ credits/
Tuition 75 $900.00 $67,500.00
Financial Aid Fee 75 $18.99 $1,424.25
CITF 75 $6.76 $507.00
Activity & Service 75 $14.85 $1,113.75
Athletics 75 $16.10 $1,207.50
Technology Fee 75 $18.99 $1,424.25
Total Tuition and Per Credit fees 75 $975.69 $73,176.75
Other Fees
Athletics - Semester Fee 9 $10.00 $90.00
Health - Semester Fee 9 $93.69 $843.21
Photo ID - Annual Fee 3 $10.00 $30.00
Orientation Fee - One Time 1 $35.00 $35.00
Total Other Fees   $148.69 $998.21
Total Cost to Student     $74,174.96

Under the revised Florida Board of Governors’ (BOG) Regulation 8.002, all institutions of the State University System (SUS) of Florida are required to provide students with a side-by-side Tuition and Fees comparison for continuing education programs. The tuition comparisons are made between a traditional program vs. its counterpart Market Rate/Self-Supporting program. This approach provides students an opportunity to become aware of options that are available upon selecting a degree program of study. Please click on the following link which will take you to a searchable database that provides the side-by-side tuition and fees comparisons between the Doctorate in Business Administration and the Ph.D. in Business Administration:

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