Graduate CertificatesCertificate in Health Informatics

The objective of this graduate certificate is to provide individuals with a basic understanding of health information technology and management of the complex inherent within the healthcare sector.

Students must have an earned baccalaureate degree with a GPA of 2.75 or higher. This certificate is open to both degree-seeking students and those who are not currently enrolled at FIU.

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Computer skills including: Word, Excel and PowerPoint

HIM 5065 Introduction to Health and Health Informatics 3

QMB 6357C Business Statistical Analysis

HIM 6865C Healthcare Database Systems 3

HIM 6628 Health Data Visualization 3

HIM 6682 Quality and Outcomes Analytics

The total cost of the certificate is $15,625, with a cost of $3,125 per course.

For additional information please contact Nelis Mir at

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