Supply Chain Finance WorkshopTopics

Module One – “Demystifying Supply Chain Finance”

  • What is Supply Chain Finance, its application and history.
  • Identification and explanation of the different instrument types; PO Financing, Reverse Factoring, Dynamic Discounting, Approved Payables, Warehouse Financing, WIP Financing, Distributor and Dealer Financing, etc.
  • Step by Step walk through of the flow of supply chain financing.
  • Combining the three information flows Commercial, Logistical and Financial.
  • The practical uses of each financing type based on the supply chain.

 Module Two – “Supply Chain Finance Business Strategies”

  • Understanding both the banker and customer needs and views.
  • Consultative selling – Understanding how to sell to your clients by understanding the customer relationship.
  • Innovative approaches to engage your clients that will differentiate you from your competition.
  • Improving Bank to Corporation Partnerships and through the use of Dynamic Financing Tools and Techniques in order to Optimize Working Capital.

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