International Trade Finance CertificateTopics

  • Trade Basics Overview
  • Identifying and understanding client’s International Trade business flows
  • Identifying and understanding each party’s needs and expectations
  • Mastering the use of International Trade Products
  • Reducing the impact of Trade Exposure on the Bank’s Balance Sheet
  • Trade-based Money Laundering


  • Understand the International Trade flows and the key players
  • Learn the language of International Trade and the needs and expectations of each player in any given transaction
  • Review Trade Services and Finance features and learn how and when to use them
  • Understand how to structure an effective Trade Services and Trade Finance offering for clients
  • Understand the Risks embedded in any International Trade deal, including political risk
  • Learn how basic International Trade Risk Mitigation techniques work
  • Learn how to use product features in different situations
  • Identify trade-base AML
  • Cement all these concepts through case studies

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