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FIU Executive Education knows that lifelong business learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom. Through FIU Business Press, we deliver business knowledge directly to you. FIU Business Press publishes books that equip professionals with tools and skills essential to business success in a rapidly evolving world.

An imprint of Mango Publishing, FIU Business Press is part of Florida International University’s College of Business (FIU Business), top-ranked by U.S. News & World Report. The college’s undergraduate international business program is ranked No. 2 in the nation, its international MBA program is ranked No. 8 and its online master’s in business programs are ranked No. 22. Based in Miami, FIU has been named a top-50 innovative public university and is the nation’s fourth largest university with a student body of more than 54,000.

Mango Publishing, which publishes an eclectic list of books by diverse authors, was named 2019 and 2020’s No. 1 fastest growing independent publisher by Publisher’s Weekly. A partnership between FIU Business Executive Education and Mango Publishing, FIU Business Press shares innovative, yet practical, business knowledge that allows professionals and executives to thrive globally.

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The Entrepreneur's ParadoxThe Entrepreneur's Paradox
By Curtis J. Morley

The qualities that aid an individual in founding a startup company (brilliance and expertise) are what prevent them from realizing expected success. What starts out as freedom and financial independence turns into grueling hours, stress, and bills, and ultimately failure. This is the paradox that is entrepreneurship. Morley is an educator, thought leader, patent holder, and innovator. He is also a 5x Entrepreneur (achieving $5 in revenue for every dollar spent on marketing, advertising, sales, and any other growth expenses) who has actually produced 10x startup results. Morley is here to show startup businesspersons how to achieve the golden rule of successful entrepreneurs—5x results. Put yourself on a defined pathway to business success by understanding the 16 pitfalls faced by all startups and conquer the Entrepreneur’s Paradox.

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“…shows prospective business men and women how to reach their goals while creating a launchpad for a business” —Ryne Williams, Daily Herald

Wall Street Journal Best Seller
2021 International Book Awards finalist in Business: Small Business & Entrepreneurship
#1 Bestseller in Startups, Home-Based Entrepreneurship, Small-business Marketing, and Personal Success

About the Author

Morley is an educator, thought leader, patent holder and innovator. He is also a 5x Entrepreneur (achieving $5 in revenue for every dollar spent on marketing, advertising, sales, and any other growth expenses) who has actually produced 10x startup results.

Jefa in TrainingJefa in Training
By Ashley K. Stoyanov

A solopreneur and small business guide. A business startup planner and toolkit for women in leadership, business, and beyond, Jefa in Training offers women entrepreneurs the female empowerment needed to take a side hustle to the next level. Whether it’s learning to define your brand, set up a beta test group, or draft an LLC operating agreement, this compendium of lessons, anecdotes, worksheets, templates, and quotes teaches the next generation of women in business how to work for yourself and turn your ideas into something much bigger.

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“...a much-needed guide for all of us who need a blueprint to becoming a successful entrepreneur.” —Eva Longoria, award-winning actress, producer, director, activist, philanthropist and CEO of UnbeliEVAble Entertainment

About the Author

Ashley K. Stoyanov Ojeda is an author, community-builder, business development strategist, coach, and socialpreneur. Originally from Queens, NY, and born to a Mexican mom and French-American father, Ashley's career started in the music industry in 2012, working at major record labels, publishers and venues. After relocating to Portland, OR post-college, she created her own network for local women songwriters, now a national organization that has been featured in The Recording Academy, called #WomxnCrush Music.

Build Better Teams Build Better Teams
By George Karsera

Teams today are more complex than ever before. Requirements for diversity training, and growing pressures from accelerating digitalisation, remote working, and mental health issues all combine to create increasing uncertainty and stress for team leaders. Build Better Teams describes this context and then provides a simple, practical code that takes the guess work out of leading and motivating a team to peak performance.

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Build Better Teams is an insightful book offering leaders a compelling and practical team building ‘code’ to optimize team performance.” —Amy Edmondson

About the Author

George Karseras MSc is a Chartered Occupational and Chartered Sports Psychologist and the Founder of www.Team-Up.company, a UK based management consultancy firm. In addition to his work as an executive coach and consultant, George is a sought-after speaker. Prior to founding Team Up George worked as a Principal Consultant at KPMG Consulting. George works globally with hundreds of teams and CEOs all wishing to harness their potential in a variety of industries .

Finance Secrets of Billion-Dollar EntrepreneursFinance Secrets of Billion-Dollar Entrepreneurs – Venture Finance Without Venture Capital
By Dileep Rao

By learning from both the mistakes and achievements of those before us, we can better craft our own approach to success. Award-winning FIU professor of entrepreneurship Dileep Rao presents readers with a detailed guide to success through his interviews and analysis of billion-dollar entrepreneurs (those who built a venture from startup to more than $1 billion in sales and valuation) and 100 million-dollar entrepreneurs (startup to $100 million).

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“For anyone looking to start a business, improve their current business, or scale their business, Finance Secrets of Billion Dollar Entrepreneurs: Venture Finance without Venture Capital by Dileep Rao, Ph.D. is an excellent book that brings together academic research and use of principles by successful entrepreneurs into a practical framework for business finance.” – Reader’s Favorite

About the Author

Dileep Rao has been a financier for 23 years and has financed hundreds of businesses and real estate projects. He has founded four ventures and managed five turnarounds. He has consulted on new business development with Fortune 1000 corporations, including Medtronic and General Mills. An award-winning professor of entrepreneurship at Florida International University, he also has taught at Harvard University, Stanford University, INCAE (Costa Rica), and the University of Minnesota. Rao is the author of nationally acclaimed books that include: Business Financing: 25 Keys to Raising Money (NY Times Pocket MBA Series), Finance Any Business Intelligently, Handbook of Business Finance & Capital Sources (Co-Publisher: American Management Assn, NY), Bootstrap to Billions, Nothing Ventured, Everything Gained: How Entrepreneurs Create, Control and Retain Wealth Without Venture Capital. He is also an entrepreneurial finance columnist for Forbes.com and has two engineering degrees and a doctorate in business administration from the University of Minnesota.

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