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Alaa A. El-Halwagy

Alaa A. El-Halwagy serves as a consultant, Executive Coach, a Subject Matter Expert in Organizational Development & Culture, and an Organizational Facilitator for several national and international organizations. He is the Principal of Innovative Group-USA, Inc. in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA.

He completed his undergraduate studies in engineering and his graduate studies in management.  He holds several Certifications in Instructional Design and Delivery, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Talent management, Organizational Development, and Public Management.  He designs, conducts and facilitates several “Learning & Development” workshops in the same areas.

He is a member of the Florida Sterling Council Board of Examiners, the Association for Talent Development, and the American Academy of Certified Public Managers. He has been a Note Speaker in multiple global Conferences

When running projects and workshops, Alaa’s facilitation philosophy and style hinge on the consideration that participants are active partners in the learning process.  By sharing the learning responsibility with his participants, they become more engaged in their learning experience and are ultimately able to derive more benefit from their training.  His training methodology ensures that business theories are always applied to real-life business situations

He is the author of the “Making a Difference” Human Resource Intervention Model, which focuses on strategies and practical methodologies to move both the individual and the organization into reaching their full potential.

Alaa is an energetic HRD practitioner and educationalist with a strong commitment to continuous learning and the full development of his participants.  He encourages active learning and Appreciative Inquiry strategies that combine new ideas and concepts with proven approaches to generate practical business solutions.  

He has held Leadership and HRD positions in several organizations.  In his most recent position before starting Innovative Group, Alaa has lead a team of 187 employees, producing $1.3 billion in annual construction for FDOT. His responsibilities covered engineering and the HRD aspects, including coaching, of the team to ensure the satisfaction of the people of Florida impacted by the Highway construction projects.

Due to his efforts, at the end of his 5 years work with the FDOT team, Alaa received the “Florida Role Model of The Year.” His team, however, has been nominated for and received the “Excellence Award;” the highest quality award in the State of Florida.

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