The Compliance Challenge WorkshopTopics

Module One - Understanding the bankers’ world

  1. Understanding how bankers see their job and the role of compliance
  2. Sales versus compliance and why are they seen as being mutually exclusive requirements?
  3. How to help bankers acquire confidential information from customers
  4. Understanding banker’ behavioral profiles to communicate more effectively

Module Two - Strategies and techniques for educating and training bankers

  1. Developing banker and customer “friendly” language
  2. Consultative selling – Understanding how to use sales to encourage bankers to integrate compliance into their customer relationships
  3. Banker profiling – Gaining information on how bankers sell and manage customer relationships
  4. Communication template for compliance officers (Includes practice exercises using common compliance issues and procedures)
  5. Dealing with banker questions/resistance and customer objections
  6. Compliance officer communication and follow-up best practices to ensure banker implementation

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