Eugenio Pino and Family Global Entrepreneurship Center Experiential Learning Courses – Master Class: Luxury

“A Bridge Not Too Far, Where Creativity Meets Innovation” by Deepak Ohri

A bridge not too far, where creativity meets innovation

The Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center offers three courses and a master class that are based on the principles of entrepreneurial management, marketing and leadership. The courses teach participants how to become better entrepreneurs and leaders of the future.

The courses are based on the real-life case studies that are major learning centers in any field, and are based on the book by Deepak Ohri, “A Bridge Not Too Far, Where Creativity Meets Innovation.”


Strive to be innovative and think differently.

Participate in making a culturally neutral space where everyone feels valued.

Just because something is done one way by everyone else doesn’t mean you can’t find a better way.

The Master Class in Experiential Luxury illustrates step-by-step planning and development of a luxury brand as well as marketing techniques and management of the luxury market by implementing the Ohri Luxury Index.

Deepak Ohri

Deepak Ohri is well known worldwide as an award-winning entrepreneur who has transformed the luxury hospitality landscape in Asia. He is an expert in experiential luxury in the field of hospitality.

CEO, lebua Hotels and Resorts
Chief Happiness Officer, lebua Hotels and Resorts
Executive in Residence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center, FIU Business
Executive Chair, Pino Global Executive Board
Advisory Board Member, FIU Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)
Advisory Board Member, World Happiness Foundation
President, Maison Happiness

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Dr. Anna Pietraszek
Fellow in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center

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