Chapmanville Leadership Development Program

Fortifying high-achieving leaders

From Usain Bolt to Serena Williams to Miami’s own Dan Marino, high-caliber athletes understand the importance of relentlessly refining their innate abilities through training, practice, discipline, and innovation. But the imperative of personal and professional improvement is not peculiar to athletes. U.S. firms spend nearly $14 billion annually on leadership development. Companies like General Electric, Boeing, and Deloitte continue to invest in training their leaders because the long-term costs of foregoing that investment are incalculable. Leadership is the axis on which the world turns, and for a community to realize its full potential, leaders must possess and refine the tools they need to develop and grow. 

At the Chapmanville Leadership Development Program (CLDP), senior leaders from across Miami-Dade County government engage in cutting-edge seminars led by world-renowned experts in a range of leadership and associated disciplines, all aimed at enhancing the leadership and management skills of the Miami-Dade County executive staff. Hosted at the Florida International University (FIU) Chapman Graduate School, CLDP is directed by FIU President Emeritus Modesto A. “Mitch” Maidique. He previously held academic appointments at MIT, Harvard, and Stanford, and prior to that led two high-technology companies. In crafting CLDP, Maidique selected an eclectic spectrum of professionals whose curriculum emphasizes experiential learning techniques that broaden the horizons of Miami-Dade County’s top leaders who will guide our great community well into the 21st century. 

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