School of AccountingBAcc Entrance Exam

Students must achieve a qualifying Bachelor of Accounting (BAcc) entrance exam result to be admitted to or continue within the BAcc.

  1. In order to register for the entrance exam, students must have an overall (FIU and transfer coursework) GPA of 3.00.
  2. Continuing FIU students, including lower-division transfer students, should complete their initial attempt at the exam (a) prior to earning 60 credit hours, or (b) in the first term immediately following the term they earned 60 credit hours.
  3. AA Transfer students with Common Prerequisite (Pre-core) Coursework complete, must complete their initial attempt at the exam (a) prior to starting classes at FIU, or (b) during the first term of classes at FIU.
  4. No student may register to take the entrance exam for the first time if the student has earned and/or actively enrolled in 75 or more credit hours, as reflected on their FIU transcript.
  • Registration opens Wednesday, January 18th
  • Registration deadline Friday, February 24th at 5PM EST.
  • Pay invoice deadline Friday, March 5th at 5PM EST.
  • BAcc Entrance Exam on Campus March 12th at 9AM EST.
  • BAcc Exam Result emailed by March 15th at 5PM EST.

For Registration,

  • Bachelor of Accounting (BAcc) students should contact their Business Academic Advisor.
  • Business students, not currently in the Bachelor of Accounting (BAcc) should email
  • Non-business students should email Eligibility to Change Program Plans to Accounting MUST be confirmed prior to registering for the examination.
  • Non-FIU students with an active application to the College of Business should email
  • Non-FIU students without an active application to the College of Business are not permitted to take the exam.

There will be a $25 fee payable by credit or debit card.

BAcc Prep & Review Course Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, students need to pass this exam in order to be admitted to or continue within the Bachelors of Accounting. Students not may enroll in any upper division, 4000-level accounting (ACG), business law (BUL) and/or tax (TAX) major courses until they have successfully completed the School of Accounting entrance exam.

The exam is offered three times per year, generally the Sunday before official registration for the following semester. Please see exam registration website for exact dates of the next scheduled exams.

It consists of 40 multiple choice questions.

Each exam is 40 multiple choice questions and we allow up to 2 hours.

Students may take the entrance exam no more than two times. Second attempts may only occur with the next regularly scheduled offering of the exam. Students failing to attempt the exam a second time with the next regularly scheduled offering, forfeit their right to a second attempt at the entrance exam.

There is no refund on the registration fee. It is also not transferable.

Yes. For example, a student who passes the exam in April is valid for registration during that Summer, Fall and Spring. It would not be valid for the following Summer semester.

You can take the exam at any time; bear in mind the expiration of the exam.

The exam covers principals of Financial Accounting.  A new exam each offering reflects current accounting topics. The following list includes some of the material that is subject to examination.  This list is not meant to be all-inclusive but to give general guidelines as to the areas covered.

  • Cash
    - Bank reconciliation
    - Cash Equivalents
  • Inventory
    - Valuation
    - Methods
  • Accounts Receivable
    - Bad Debt
  • Fixed Assets
    - Capitalization
    - Depreciation
  • Intangible Assets
    - Depletion/Amortization
  • Prepaid/Accrued Expenses
  • Notes Payable
  • Bonds
  • Equity
    - Sole Proprietorship
    - Dividends/Splits
    - Common/Preferred stock
  • Cash Flow
    - Operating
    - Investing
    - Financing
  • Correction of Errors
  • Time Value of Money
  • Cash vs. Accrual method
  • Accounting equation
  • Financial Statements
  • Business Math
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