Media Coverage


  • AACSB International – January 8, 2019 - "A Student-First Approach to Fulfilling School Mission" - Dean Joanne Li of Florida International University shares with AACSB's Michael Wiemer how the school seeks to fulfill its mission by focusing on their unique student population. FIU Business has to embody that probably very hard working. Our programs and our strategic goals are very, very intentional. Very deliberate in a way that we cater to that population.
  • Financial Times – January 4, 2019 - "Does Miami have a ‘zombie’ property market?" - According to Eli Beracha, a real estate professor at Florida International University, at least half of the buyers of condos priced at more than $500,000 in this area come from Latin America. The problem is that hard times at home have seen overseas buyers lose their appetite for Miami homes.


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