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  • The Miami Herald – January 6, 2022
    In a story about rising home prices in the metropolitan Miami area cites a new study from real estate researchers at Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University reveals that they will continue to increase, but less than the most overpriced part of Florida. “Why varying results are developing between housing markets in the West and East is unclear at this time,” said Eli Beracha, director of the Hollo School of Real Estate. Article

  • – January 5, 2022
    In an article about the best cash back credit cards, David Barman, associate teaching professor in the School of Accounting, explained that these typically have few or no limitations as to where cashback is earned. The best advice for consumers is information, do your reading and ask questions in advance. It certainly gives the most flexibility in how the consumer can use the reward. Some cards limit the amount of cashback per month or limit the amount when spent in a particular category. Article

  • Daily Beast – January 1, 2022
    In a story looking at the U.S. political and economic landscape of 2022, logistics and supply chain management professor Craig Austin, explained that prices will keep rising due to inflation. Consumers didn’t stop buying during the pandemic, they just shifted even more to online shopping, leading to backups of ships at sea and stacks of shipping containers at U.S. ports. “It's going to take a while to work yourself through that,” he said. Article


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