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  • Latin Trade – January 17, 2023
    In an op-ed, Jerry Haar, professor of international business, noted that Latin America has the means to improve its infrastructure but first it must work on prioritizing its investment needs and goals, on improving the efficiency of public spending, and on attracting cost effective funding. “In doing so, Latin America can… and achieve a level of infrastructure that can contribute to sustained economic growth and improve the lives of its citizens,” he said.
  • South Florida Sun Sentinel – January 16, 2023
    In a story about private companies’ possibilities of doing business in Cuba, professor of international business Jerry Haar explained that the Cuban government has yet to publish regulations for medium and small enterprises to receive direct investments and financing. Additionally, they do not allow correspondent banking relationships with international banks. “It’s a give-and-take relationship, where we give and they take,” he said.
  • CNN Español – January 10, 2023
    ChatGPT, un programa informático impulsado por inteligencia artificial, genera preocupaciones entre miembros de la comunidad académica que consideran que podría facilitar que los estudiantes hagan trampa en sus tareas. “Sería simplemente que estos ensayos sean acompañados por presentaciones orales e la incorporación de los conceptos y los métodos sobre el cual esta basado,” dijo Carlos Parra, profesor de negocio de la Universidad Internacional de la Florida.
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  • – January 3, 2022
    A story discussing home buying or selling opportunities in 2023, associate teaching professor of real estate Suzanne Hollander suggested sellers proceed cautiously as market conditions can change rapidly from month to month. “Get real about pricing and ask yourself, if you sell your home and need a loan to finance the purchase of a next home, will you be able to afford the new interest rate?” she said.
  • January 1, 2023
    In a story about the rapid increase in interest rates impact on home prices, associate teaching professor of real estate Suzanne Hollander, suggested that it hasn’t led to a reduction in prices in contrast to the 1970s and 1980s. She advises aspiring homeowners to improve their credit and look hard for bargains. “Buying now with high rates and high prices at the same time creates a very high monthly cost for borrowers to carry,” she said.
  • UpjobsNews – January 1, 2023
    In a story about the rapid increase in interest rates impact on home prices, associate teaching professor of real estate Suzanne Hollander, noted that foreclosure filings are up 57 percent from a year ago. “Monitor the market for distressed homes for sale,” she says,. “Try to build a relationship with a lender, and demonstrate your financial capacity to move fast and take one of these properties off their books.
  • South Florida Sun-Sentinel – January 3, 2023
    In a story looking at the South Florida housing market in 2023, Eli Beracha, director of FIU’s Hollo School of Real Estate, forecasts that home prices in South Florida will increase, but at a slower pace as the market continues to stabilize. “Toward the second part of the year, interest rates should be easing and convincing some buyers to return to the market, so prices will go back up,” he said.


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