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  • – January 13, 2021
    In a story about the increased popularity of “house hacking,” Suzanne Hollander, associate teaching professor at the Hollo School of Real Estate, explained that the concept combines homeownership with landlording. The Federal Housing Administration offers loans to buy a duplex or triplex with a down payment of just 3.5 percent. “The approach appeals to buyers who are daunted by the responsibility of a monthly mortgage payment,” she said. Article

  • WalletHub – January 11, 2021
    In a story about secured credit cards David Barman, associate teaching professor in the School of Accounting, explained that this industry provides an opportunity for consumers that might not otherwise qualify for an unsecured line of credit. He added that while secured credit cards minimize the risk on the financial institution, there still are associated costs with providing this product to customers. Article


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