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Starting your first semester? Counting down the final weeks to graduation? We’re here to support you throughout every step of your degree program – and well beyond graduation. Our team also works closely with parents; faculty members; and national and international employers seeking top business talent.

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Welcoming new students:
Why wait until you’re nearing graduation to reach out? Visit us at the start of your FIU journey to get the full benefit from Career Services. We’ll help make sure you’re headed down the right path, based upon your career goals and what today’s leading employers seek.
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Advising current students and pending graduates:
Leverage our expertise to prepare yourself for the professional world. We’ll help you map out the best plan of action, teach you how to make a great impression in a highly-competitive marketplace; and provide you with the resources you need to pursue promising opportunities.
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Supporting alumni:
Seeking a new job or a change in career? We’re ready to assist with whatever you need: career counseling; interviewing tactics; open positions; and many other specialized services.
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Providing employers with best-in-class business talent:
As one of the nation’s top business schools, we draw recruiters from Fortune 500s; Big Four accounting firms; global multi-nationals; government agencies and nonprofits.
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