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Employers in almost every industry are engaged in a fierce competition for talent. Spurred by the seismic changes from the pandemic, workers are asking: Is this the right job for me? Are my talents being optimized? What's the best way for me to serve my financial interests, my family, my physical and mental health, my life?

In this issue of FIU Business Now, we examine the challenges companies are facing on multiple fronts, from hiring and retaining talent to changing business practices. We explore the opportunities and limits organizations face when trying to retain talent in the wake of the Great Resignation. Whatever you may call this striking moment of job mobility, one thing is clear: knowing how to attract and retain talent is more critical to an organization's success than ever before. Our faculty experts and successful alumni leaders share their guidance and strategies, many of which you can adapt to meet the challenges of your organization.

The ongoing changes to the business world don't stop with talent management; disruptive innovation is taking place in many industries. In this issue, we explore how cryptocurrencies are in the process of going mainstream; could you soon pay for a movie with Bitcoin? We also explore how women – including several FIU Business alumni – are experiencing success as members of public company boards of directors and closing the leadership gender gap.

I'm especially proud of our Impact story about a family of generous donors and their support of ambitious students facing challenging circumstances. Fostering Panther Pride, one of FIU's signature programs, supports a path to a better future for first-generation students who have been in foster care or faced homelessness. We are grateful to Jose Díaz, a member of our alumni board and long-time supporter, for marshalling his family – including many FIU alumni – to create a scholarship supporting the Fostering Panther Pride program. Learn how this important initiative honors the struggles and triumphs of his Cuban grandparents, a history similar to that of many of our Panthers.

Finally, I want to thank our alumni and friends for their ongoing support. We are on a path to greatness, with remarkable national rankings and an ongoing commitment to offer world-class programs and to support our students as they face financial challenges. None of this is possible without your support. I urge you to get involved and remain involved. Whether it's a gift of time, talent or treasure, or a commitment to hiring our students, we count on you to make us stronger.

Enjoy this issue of FIU Business Now!

FIU Business Now!

William Hardin,
Interim Dean, FIU College of Business