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Professional MBA Downtown

Commencement marks achievement of College of Business grads.

Commencement marks achievement of College of Business grads.

Years of study, determination and hard work paid off for nearly 1,000 students in the College of Business at Florida International University (FIU) when they were awarded degrees at the Fall 2013 Commencement.

On Sunday evening, December 15, 2013, 596 students from the R. Kirk Landon Undergraduate School of Business were recognized at a commencement ceremony; 371 students from the Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Graduate School of Business were honored at a commencement on the morning of December 17. 

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Connecting for a Cause: MBA programs host Leadership Miami fundraiser at FIU Downtown on Brickell.

Connecting for a Cause: MBA programs host Leadership Miami fundraiser at FIU Downtown on Brickell.

When “good causes” meet “high energy,” lots of fun — and fund-raising — can happen. That was the case at “Connecting for a Cause,” a fundraising event for Leadership Miami held January 16, 2014 at Florida International University (FIU) Downtown on Brickell.

Leadership Miami, an annual program of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, provides intensive learning and leadership development for the next generation of leaders. For its fundraising challenge, the participants formed six teams, each selecting a non-profit organization for which to raise funds.

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J. Cooper Abbott of Raymond James’ Eagle Asset Management shares insights with FIU students.

J. Cooper Abbott of Raymond James’ Eagle Asset Management shares insights with FIU students.

“Three things people do all over the planet: everyone falls in love, plays fútbol and is connected to the capital markets.”

That observation was part of a captivating presentation, “Operating an Effective Equity Portfolio” delivered by J. Cooper Abbott, co-chief operating officer and executive vice president of investments at Eagle Asset Management, Inc. a Raymond James subsidiary.

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Professional MBA Downtown Program

The right career choice for Miami’s upwardly mobile professionals

Embark on the next phase of your career with a Professional MBA from FIU’s top-ranked Chapman Graduate School of Business. Designed for successful, busy professionals, this concentrated, accelerated, part-time program lets you earn your MBA in only eighteen months. The Professional MBA Downtown Program is perfect for Miami urban professionals, with classes held in the evenings, twice a week. Our Professional MBA Downtown students network and learn in the heart of the business and financial district at our new Brickell campus.


Our Professional MBA Downtown program is an evening-only program designed to help professionals earn their MBAs without interrupting their careers. Our state-of-the-art Brickell Avenue facility is especially convenient for those professionals who work in and around downtown Miami.

As a student in the Professional MBA program, you’ll attend one of the top MBA schools in Florida and in the U.S., and enjoy a unique learning environment that enables you to:

  • Starts each August
  • Earn your MBA in just 16 months
  • Twice a week, evening-only classes at our Downtown campus on Brickell, in the heart of Miami’s financial district
  • Learn in the company of other upwardly mobile professionals
  • Have access to our popular Career Services to assist you in growing your soft skills and securing new career opportunities
  • Acquire critical skills in communication, teambuilding, and professional skills that will distinguish you as a serious professional
  • Receive a high level of personal service, including course registration, course materials, and parking.

Professional MBA Student Profile
Age: 30
Yrs. Of Experience: 7
Salary: $57,000
Percent Women: 47%

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here for an FAQ for Veteran and Active Duty.

Q. What are the minimum requirements to apply?

The minimum requirements to be eligible to apply for admission to the MBA program are as follows:

  1. Completion of an undergraduate program in an accredited U.S. college or its equivalent in another country
  2. Submission of the FIU Graduate Admissions application
  3. Satisfied all listed application requirements as outlined on the respective program website:
    1. Professional MBA Weekend
    2. Professional MBA Downtown
    3. Professional MBA Flex

Q. What is considered professional experience? 

A. Professional experience is determined on a case-by-case basis using a resume, and any requested supporting documents. Our admissions committee evaluates an individual’s accomplishments, roles, and responsibilities to determine the total number of years of professional experience. We consider the individual's position responsibilities, managerial roles if applicable, core competencies exercised and longevity in each position. For our purposes, professional experience generally begins at the point of graduation.

­­Q. Do I meet the professional experience criteria? 

A. In order to know which program best suits your ­needs, we need to view a copy of your professional resume to determine your level of professional experience. Please send us your resume at to request an evaluation. Please keep in mind that admission into the program is on competitive basis, and meeting the minimum criteria does not guarantee admission.

Q. I have professional experience in another country, does this count?

A. Yes. We will need to view your resume to determine if the nature of the experience is professional, but we certainly count professional experience obtained in another country or state.

Q. Do I have to take the GMAT/GRE?

A. The GMAT or GRE is not required if you are able to demonstrate 4 years of professional full-time work experience. If you have less than four years of professional work experience, a GMAT or GRE is required.

Q. Which exam is better? Should I take the GMAT or the GRE?

A. We do not treat the exams differently, and applicants may elect to take either exam. You may visit for more information on the GMAT, including sample questions and information on test registration. You may visit for more information on the GRE as well as test registration information.

Q. Are there any resources at FIU Business to assist me in preparing for the GMAT or GRE?

A. The Chapman Graduate School of Business offers special GMAT or GRE preparation courses throughout the year. 

Q. Who should recommendations come from?

A. The Admissions Committee requires that of the two recommendations, at least one comes from a professional reference.  The second letter may be from a professional or academic reference. The most useful recommendations are those from individuals who are able to speak with certainty about your professional and/or academic achievements and potential.

Q. What is the process for recommenders?

A. Candidates may either submit electronic recommendations or formal letters.

To use the online form, the candidate will enter recommenders' names and email addresses into their online application. Recommenders then receive an email with a link to their recommendation. The recommendations are submitted separately from the candidates' application and will automatically be included in the application upon submission.

Q. What is the recommended format for the recommendation letter? Should it be in letterhead?

A. For the recommendation letters, we require the recommender’s company logo, signature, contact and information. We reserve the right to contact recommenders. Letters may be directed to us at:

The Professional MBA
Florida International University
1101 Brickell Avenue
Suite S-1000
Miami, FL 33131

Q. Does the program require a writing sample or only an essay/personal statement? What do I write about?

A. The Professional MBA programs require an essay/personal statement, but we do not require a supplemental writing sample. The applicant may write about the importance of pursuing an MBA at FIU, and how their past experiences have prepared them to succeed in the MBA classroom. Please refer to the Application Process section for additional details.

Q. Is the $48,000/52,000(out of state) cost for the entire program?  

A. Yes, the cost of the entire program is $48,000 for in-state residents and $52,000 for out-of-state residents. This cost includes books, materials, parking, and professional development seminars.

Q. What happens if my GPA is below 3.0? Can I still apply?

A. If an applicant does not meet this criteria, he or she can still apply. University Graduate School provisions for a limited number of admissions for individuals who do not meet specified criteria. The Admissions Committee will evaluate the candidate files holistically reviewing all documents submitted (resume, working experience, letters of recommendation, etc.) Admission under this provision remains on a competitive basis and admission into the program for the selected term cannot be guaranteed. The Admissions Committee takes into account a myriad of factors, including work experience and professional responsibilities, writing ability, strength of recommendations, undergraduate performance, exam scores and performance in any graduate-level courses.

Q. What is the next step after applying to the program? Where do I send my resume?

A. Once you have applied to Professional MBA Program, please send supporting materials such as your resume and statement of purpose to the respective program email as outlined below. Please include your Panther ID and date of application in your email.

For the Professional MBA Flex, Downtown, and Weekend programs, email us at Each applicant will also need to schedule a personal interview with the admissions team prior to acceptance into the program.

Q. Can I waive the TOEFL/IELTS?

A. International students may waive the TOEFL exam only if they have earned a high school diploma, undergraduate or master's degree in a TOEFL-exempt country. Visit the UGS website to view TOEFL-exempt countries.

Q. Is an applicant at a disadvantage without previous course work in business?

A. No. Many students in our program have not had business courses prior to entering the program. Generally, approximately half of our class is made up of students with non-business backgrounds. The program does require strong quantitative skills, but is designed to be accessible with study and dedication.

Q. What are the first steps in the financial aid application process?

A. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required of all U.S. citizens and permanent residents who wish to apply for federal student loans. To expedite the processing of federal loan applications, we recommend that you complete the FAFSA as early as possible. Please visit the U.S. Department of Education homepage for more information on the FAFSA, or write to:

FAFSA Information Center
P.O. Box 84
Washington, DC 20044

Q. What types of financial aid are available from FIU?

A. Financial aid for MBA students is primarily in the form of loans, either from government programs, or through an alternative loan source.  To receive financial assistance you must be fully admitted to an FIU degree program or be enrolled in a qualified certificate program.

Q. What financial resources are available outside of FIU?

A. Opportunities for funding do exist outside FIU. Potential students should begin researching other sources of financial aid as early as possible.

Q. Will the program provide feedback for students who have not been accepted?

A. Due to the large number of applications we receive each year, we cannot accommodate requests for personalized feedback on your application.  Also, please understand that the decision of the Admissions Board is final, and we cannot advise you on whether or not you should reapply in the future. Please contact the Recruiting office for any questions regarding your application.


The Chapman Graduate School of Business’ Professional MBA Downtown provides the same outstanding faculty and comprehensive foundation in business processes and strategic management as the other outstanding Chapman MBA programs.

As an MBA student, you’ll be immersed in realistic and stimulating business discussions, projects, and studies that deepen your understanding of the key functional areas of management. Our educational approach addresses the personnel, information technology, ethical, regulatory, and competitive issues affecting most firms today. You’ll emerge equipped to contribute to your organization’s growth as a strategic thinker and able to assume increased responsibility. 

Foundation courses

Students enrolling in the PMBA Downtown program will be required to take foundation online courses for the following Quarter 1 classes. The foundation courses are an instrumental part of the program. Online access will be granted once students confirm their admission.

ACG6026 – Accounting for Managers
  1. HBP – Financial Accounting Online Course: Introductory Section

In addition to participating in the mandatory Professional Development Seminars, students will also be required to attend Accounting Bootcamps prior to the first day of classes. The bootcamps will introduce basic accounting concepts, and will serve as good refresher courses. 

Core courses and seminars

Accounting for Managers
Business Analysis and Decision Making
Competitive Strategy
Corporate Finance
Corporate Simulation
Financial Reporting and Analysis
Global Financial Strategy
International Business
Legal Environment of Business
Marketing Management
Operations Management
Organizational Design and Behavior
Organizational Information Systems
Professional Development Seminars
Strategic Management

Click here to view course descriptions for the program curriculum.

Click here to view the student learning and program outcomes.


Application Process and Requirements

Application Deadline

The program admits students every fall. Applications and supporting documents should be sent as early as possible to allow enough time for processing. We will evaluate complete Fall applications on the following schedule:

March 1 – notified by March 31
June 1 – notified by June 30
After June 1 – on a space available basis

To be considered for either round, you must submit an online application, have completed all supporting credentials and appropriate test scores, and have attended an information session by that date.  After June 1, applications will be considered on a space-available basis. Applications submitted between the first and second round will be reviewed on a rolling basis -- we will continue to evaluate completed files as they are submitted, and return admissions decisions as available.

Application Procedures

To apply for the program:

  1. Please click here to initiate your Graduate application. Select “Create a new user Account”
  2. Enter the program name Downtown MBA in the online admission form. 
  3. There is a non refundable application fee of US $30.00.

Only those applicants who have submitted complete application packets will be considered.  Meeting the minimum requirements is not a guarantee of admissions.  Students do not need to wait until they have all of the materials together to apply.  Submit your online application now and the rest of the materials as you complete them.

Requirements/Required Documents:

  1. Official transcripts from all previously attended colleges and/or universities.
    Transcripts must be sent directly to:
    FIU – Professional MBA Downtown Program
    Florida International University
    1101 Brickell Avenue
    Suite S-1000
    Miami, FL 33131 
    • Official proof of degree: A notarized copy of the original diploma is required if the degree is not posted on the official transcript
  2. Current Resume: detailing your chronological professional experience, and dates of earned degrees.
  3. Statement of Purpose:  A document of no more than two pages outlining your objectives for pursuing this graduate degree program (Choose one of the following):
    1. Describe a professional situation where you demonstrated one of the following leadership competencies: visionary, strategic, tactical, focused, persuasive, likable, decisive, ethical or inspirational
    2. Of FIU's core values [creativity, rigor, diversity, team, integrity, and global community], which value resonates most with you and why?
    3. Describe your academic and career interests, and explain how and why an MBA from FIU would help you explore them
  4. Two Recommendation Letters from employers, faculty or professional associates
  5. Employment verification letters must be sent if applicant is claiming four or more years of professional experience.
  6. Official TOEFL scores should be sent to directly to us by the Educational Testing Service, (ETS).  FIU’s University code is 5206.
  7. Have a grade point average of 3.0 or better based on upper-division coursework. Applicants with less than a 3.0 with strong work experience may be considered.
  8. Applicants must attend an MBA information session prior to Admissions consideration.
  9. Applicants must complete a formal interview with the Admissions Team prior to receiving consideration.
  10. Please submit citizenship and immigration document to our offices as outlined below:

    Type of Citizenship/Residency Status

    Documentation Required

    Native-born U.S. Citizen

    No residency documents required

    Naturalized U.S. Citizen

    Copy of passport

    Lawful Permanent U.S. Resident

    Copy of permanent resident card

    Resident or Citizen of any other Country

    This program is part-time, and cannot accommodate students who require an F-1 Visa. Please visit our Professional MBA Flex Program page.

  11. Prospective students claiming Florida residency for the purposes of tuition must complete the Florida Residency form/Affidavit and submit appropriate supporting documents prior to an admissions decision. If you have not submitted valid and complete documentation prior to admission, you will be classified as out-of-state during the admissions process.

    Prospective students claiming residency must submit two (2) forms of evidence to substantiate the Florida Residency form/Affidavit. Each form must not be expired, and must demonstrate one full year of Florida residency prior to the beginning of your intended first term.

    Accepted documents include:

    • Florida driver’s license
    • Florida vehicle registration
    • Florida vehicle title
    • Florida voter registration card
    • Declaration of domicile in Florida
    • Proof of purchase of a permanent home in Florida
    • Transcripts from a Florida high school for multiple years
    • Proof of permanent full-time employment in Florida (via employee letter)
    • Benefit histories from Florida agencies or public assistance programs

    If you do not have two of the listed items, please visit the FIU registrar's website to find alternate forms of accepted evidence: Please contact the office of Graduate Admissions for any alternate documentation inquiries:

    Modesto Maidique Campus
    Office of Graduate Admissions
    Location: PC 231

Tuition & Scholarships


Tuition for the Professional MBA Downtown program that starts in August 2015 is $48,000 for Florida residents and $52,000 for non-residents.

Students pay for courses at the beginning of each semester. All fees are subject to change. A $500 nonrefundable professional development seminar fee is due upon acceptance into the program. The remaining balance is payable on a semester basis. Payments are due the first class day of each semester. Those who leave the program receive no refunds.

Professional MBA tuition covers:

  • tuition
  • all books and materials
  • university fees
  • parking pass at the Brickell facility
  • professional development seminars
  • special events

Because state law prohibits the university from extending credit, fee payment cannot be delayed beyond the start of classes or financed by the Professional MBA program or the university. An exception to the advance payment policy will be made only for those who have been awarded financial aid by the university (scholarship, fellowship, loan) and granted a deferment. To find information on scholarships and aid, please visit our financial aid page.

If you expect to receive aid from other sources, for all or part of the program, but will not receive aid in time to meet the advance payment deadline, you should arrange for financing through a bank or other financial institution to ensure that your program fees are paid on a timely basis.

All fees are subject to change. To view the payment schedule please click here.

Financial Aid

For more information please visit our Financial Aid page.

Contact Us

Phone: 855-FIU-PMBA / 855-348-7622
Fax: 305-779-7899

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