Market Growth Advisory

With the Florida SBDC at FIU, small-business owners can have access to research and databases that normally only big businesses can afford. Our team of experts helps Miami-Dade business owners design growth strategies, analyze domestic and international markets, obtain government contracts, develop competitive analysis, as well as provide other services that allow businesses to identify and capitalize on their competitive advantages.

Business Plan Review Development

  • Incorporation Assistance
  • Access to Market Research
  • Determine Capital Needs
  • Business Model Assessment
  • Buyout & Startup Concept

Determining Cost of Growth / Scaling

  • Reviewing Growth Plans
  • Sales & Service
  • Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) Review
  • System Review
  • Market & Industry Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Target Market Definition
  • Pricing
  • Distribution Channels
  • Competitive Advantage
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Model Development
  • Public Relations Advisory
  • Brand Development & Management
  • Market Research Access
    • Industry Data & Reports
    • Demographics & Consumer Profiles
    • Competition Research
    • Market Trends
    • Site Selection Analysis & Data
  • Internet Consulting
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing
  • Website Advisory
    • Web Development Advisory
    • Online Business E-commerce
    • Site Promotion & Advertising
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Web Traffic Analysis
    • Web Design Evaluation
    • Web Site Performance Analysis
    • Domain Name Registration
    • Web Hosting Site
    • Web Security Scanning
  • Determine Export Suitability
  • International Market Research
  • Selecting Foreign Markets
  • Write Export Marketing Plans ** Fee based service
  • Selecting International Partners
  • Pricing Strategies for International Sales
  • Understanding Foreign Trade Zones
  • Export Growth Management
  • U.S. Market Entry Strategies

Florida APEX Accelerator

Helping Businesses Grow & Succeed

The Florida APEX Accelerator at FIU specializes in working with government contractors to develop and hone their skills, knowledge and abilities in targeting government contracts at the federal, state and local levels. The Florida APEX Accelerator at FIU is part of the Florida APEX Accelerator network and businesses in Miami-Dade & Monroe county.

  • Though potentially lucrative, government contracting requires a substantial amount of time and resource commitment. Therefore, businesses interested in entering the government marketplace should consider the following questions to determine their potential for success as a government contractor.
    1. Do you have steady and/or growing commercial market sales that can support a new market venture?
    2. Is the company well established and have the necessary experienced staff, appropriate tooling and overall resources to fulfill government contract requirements?
    3. Do you have an active strategic plan and staff willing to implement government contracting sales?
    4. Is the company financially solvent with no legal judgments?
    5. Do you have available lines of credit, appropriate assets, and set accounting standards?
    6. Does the company have a defined marketing radius and designated marketing staff?
    7. Do you have an established quality control program with written procedures and staff designated to implement it?
    8. Is the company Electronic Commerce (EC) capable? What is the company's level of computer literacy?
    9. Are your competitors active in the government marketplace?
    10. Have you considered teaming with similar businesses to pursue government contract sales?
    11. Have you considered pursuing government subcontracting opportunities before entering the marketplace as a prime vendor?
  • Registration & Certification
    • Determine Suitability for Government Contracting
    • Assist with Registrations
      • SAM
      • SBA Dynamic Small Business Search
      • Government Vendor Database
    • Government Procurement Certifications
      • Small Disadvantaged Business
      • 8(a)
      • Veteran Owned
      • Minority Owned
      • Women Owned
      • HUB Zones
      • Miami-Dade County SBE
  • Marketing & Capture Management
    • Researching Procurement Histories
    • Identifying Bid Opportunities
    • Proposal Preparation Advisory
    • Contract Performance Issues
      • Advise on Negotiating & Interfacing with the Agency
      • Developing a Cost Accounting System
      • Bonding & Interim Financing
    • Identification & Outreach to Government Procurement Officers

The statewide Florida APEX Accelerator website is, learn more how our Procurement Specialist can assist you.