Website Feedback

  • is a useful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for business students to learn since it can be used for sales, marketing, and finance. Additionally, is a useful system for running and organizing a business. Anyone, a business student or non-business student, who is interested in starting a company of their own could definitely use to manage their contacts and customer information.
  • The certificate can be marketed to marketing students as well as finance students who are interested in wealth management. Any marketing students interested in sales and/or Customer Relationship Management would benefit from studying
  • Some companies that use also recruit at Florida International University. Merrill Lynch, a company that both recruits and offers internships to finance students at Florida International University, has started using; about 30 students a year intern at Merrill Lynch through the Finance Department at FIU. Students who are interested in interning or working at Merrill Lynch should be interested in being certified in since it will give them a competitive advantage. SunTrust, Deutsche Bank, Sepherion, and Kaiser Permanente are some of the other companies that use and recruit at FIU.