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Basics of Bloomberg. View Clip View Clip
Movie on signing in to Bloomberg and the basics of navigating.

Think or Swim

  1. Viewing movies. View Clip View Clip
    How to view movies in Blackboard.

  2. Registering and Signing in Think or Swim. View Clip View Clip
    Shows you what to do to register, download, and starting the Think or Swim trading platform. Then it tells you the basics of trading stocks.

  3. How to trade stocks. View Clip View Clip
    Quotes and trades for stocks; the "order window".

  4. Futures Trading. View Clip View Clip
    How to obtain quotes and trade futures contracts.

  5. Basics calls and puts. View Clip View Clip
    How to obtain quotes and trade basic call and put options.


  1. Excel Menu. View Clip View Clip
    The 2007 Excel menu: everything has changed since 2003!

  2. Excel Basics. View Clip View Clip
    For those who need to know the basic operations in Excel plus some hints on making life easier: copy and paste and buttons; cell blocks and editing; highlighting; drag and drop; move; past special; split and freeze frames.

  3. Equations. View Clip View Clip
    How to enter equations into Excel, including absolute and relative addresses; entering values with operators; sum and other buttons; copying formulas vs dragging.

  4. Excel Basic Charting. View Clip View Clip
    How to create and format charts in Excel ... actually there are intermediate as well as basic information on charting. Creating charts; resizing and moving charts; formatting and editing objects; titles; line charts; choosing charts; layout of charts with titles, axes, and legends.

  5. Logical Functions. View Clip View Clip
    How to use logical functions: IF, AND, IF/AND, OR.

  6. Data Tables. View Clip View Clip
    Using the Data Tables function to easily create table with one or two variables.

  7. Goal Seek and Solver. View Clip View Clip
    Powerful tools to find the solution of a problem that is "trial and error". Also solves linear and non-linear "programming" problems.

  8. Pivot Tables. View Clip View Clip
    How to create and use pivot tables in Excel 2007.


  1. Introduction to Making Trades. View Clip View Clip
    The trading window in FTS and what all of the buttons are used for.