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All Event Request forms must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the event date to ensure proper planning and execution. Completion of the request form does not guarantee availability for services. Upon review, a member of the Office of Event Management team will contact the requester to confirm availability and then proceed to schedule a planning meeting.

All event request submissions are reviewed individually and assessed according to the following:
  • staff availability
  • event complexity
  • approved budget allotment
  • time and resources
In the case that the Office of Event Management cannot service an event request, a consultation meeting can still be scheduled to facilitate self-planning. Please contact the Office of Event Management for further details, 305.348.4432
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    Contact the Executive Assistant Anezka Martinez Rios at 305.348.2751 / martinam@fiu.edu  
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Marketing Resources
  Need marketing assistance:
Invitations, Email, Banners, Brochures and more.
    Please fill out the Assistance Request Form, listed under "Assistance Forms" on the navigation menu.  
  Need creative campaign:         
    Please fill out the Creative Brief Request, listed under "Assistance Forms" on the navigation menu.  
  Need photo coverage:         
    Please fill out the Photo Coverage Request, listed under "Assistance Forms" on the navigation menu.  
  Need promotional video:         
    Please fill out the Promotional Video Request, listed under "Assistance Forms" on the navigation menu.  
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    Please add the event to the FIU Business Calendar at calendar.fiu.edu.  
  Upload room layouts, types of menu, posters or any other documents below:
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  For further information please contact Events Manager at 305-348-5496