Landon Undergraduate SchoolBusiness Core Courses

In the Bachelor of Business Administration program, you must earn 24 credit hours in business core classes listed below:

  • BUL 4310 Legal Environment of Business (BBA students) or BUL 4320 Business Law I (BAcc students only)
  • ISM 3011 Information Systems Management (current requirement) or CGS 3300 Introduction to Information Systems (completed prior to Fall 2016) or ACG 4401 Accounting Information Systems (BAcc students only)
  • FIN 3403 Financial Management
  • MAN 3025 Organization and Management
  • QMB 4680 Business Analysis (current requirement) or MAN 4504 Operations Management (completed prior to Fall 2018)
  • MAN 4720 Strategic Management
  • MAR 3023 Introduction to Marketing
  • QMB 3200 Applied Business Statistics


Business Professional Development Courses (3 Credit-hours)

  • COM 3112 Speech and Writing for Business Communication (2 credits)
  • GEB 3003 Career Management (1 credit)
  • Students may have completed either of the following prior to Spring 2019 ONLY
    COM 3150 Advanced Communication for Business
    COM 3110 Business and Professional Communication


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