COB Technology CenterDigital Signage Request


Digital signage requests need to be sent to for approval before presented to CoB AV. Please see their list of requirements and procedures at

Once the CoB administration approves the digital signage, they will inform the AV Team at with their approval and the details of the digital signage schedule.


  • Digital signage is requested and approved by the CoB administration at
  • Approvals are then sent to from the CoB administration.
  • Requests submitted by the CoB administration must be made one (1) day in advance prior to the deployment of the digital signage.
  • A member of the AV Team will confirm via email once all requested signage have been uploaded. Instructional and Event Support cannot guarantee the installation of the digital signage if the request is submitted after the aforementioned procedure.
  • Digital signage will be installed and displayed as per the request. The CoB Tech Center reserves the right to halt or delay the digital content due to maintenance, updates, or special events as necessary.

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