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Our Classroom Capture service provide our professors with the option of recording their lectures inside the following list of rooms:

  • RB 150
  • RB 170
  • CBC 142
  • CBC 151
  • CBC 152
  • CBC 154
  • CBC 155
  • CBC 240
  • CBC 252
  • CBC 254
  • CBC 232
  • MANGO 220
  • MANGO 221
  • MANGO 222
  • FDBS 328
  • FDBS 301
  • FDBS 1010
  • FDBS 1015

This technology allows a viewer the opportunity to watch previously scheduled class and event sessions live or at a later time via on demand. To schedule a livestream/recording, please complete the Lecture Capture Request Form.

This service is available to FIU faculty, FIU staff, and external organizations who have reserved a room in 25Live.

For CoB faculty requesting for classroom recording in a room not part of the list above, please email with any details pertaining to your request and a member from the CoB AV team will contact the appropriate members of DoIT.

Additional costs may apply in the event that the requester is not a member of the CoB Faculty/Staff and/or from a student organization.

Video editing is also available. To request editing, send your request to Include the following:

  • What year and semester the video took place.
  • The name of the video or videos you would like us to edit.
  • The timestamps of the video to help us edit accordingly.


  • Requests are made through our Lecture Capture Request Form.
  • An automated email is generated confirming delivery of the request.
  • A member of the CoB AV team will contact the requester within one (1) business day of the date of the submitted request confirming the details of the submission.
  • Once the session has been scheduled, a confirmation will be sent via email with the request details.

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