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Purchase of computers, software and other ancillary items. See the Standard Purchasing List. To get help, submit your request via the Service Request Form.

This equipment is available to FIU faculty, FIU staff, with approval. This equipment is not available to students or student organizations.

A member of our team will contact you within two business days.

Service Request Form


  • Requests are submitted via the Service Request Form
  • An automated email is generated confirming delivery of the request
  • A Tech is assigned to the case
  • The requester is contacted within two (2) business days of the initial request by the assigned Tech, providing them with the case details and to gather any additional information for the department´s assessment
  • After this contact, COBIT will assess the current inventory and make one of the following recommendations:
    • The current equipment/software requires upgrading. We recommend purchasing hardware or software as a solution. A quote for the recommend equipment will be provided
    • After searching through our inventory database, the equipment/software was located that matches the need. The equipment/software will be prepared and reassigned to the requester
    • We have concluded that the item you requested meets your current and future needs. We will send a quote for the recommended item
  • The assigned Tech will notify the requester of the recommendations
  • If the recommendations are accepted the purchase will proceed through the COB purchasing approval process:
    • Quote is generated
    • Department approves quote and provides activity # to be used and verifies funds
    • COB Finance approves quote and verifies available funds
    • Purchase is submitted to vendor and sent to smart billing
    • Smart billing is approved
    • Order is placed
  • Equipment is shipped to the COB Tech Center
  • Requester is notified of arrival and expected delivery date
  • Equipment is prepared and asset tagged
  • Equipment is delivered to requester
  • The purchasing process can take from 3-4 weeks from the date of the initial request
  • The assigned Tech will follow up to confirm resolution was reached via email

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