COB Technology CenterSurplus Pickup Request


To request for disposal, or surplus of any equipment. Submit your request via the Service Request Form. This information will help our team in the assessment to re-purpose or surplus such item and guide the transfer of the asset.

A member of our team will contact you within 1-2 business days.

Service Request Form


  • Requests are submitted via the Service Request Form
  • An automated email is generated confirming delivery of the request
  • A Tech is assigned to the case
  • Tech contacts the requester in 3-5 business days to assess the asset
  • The Tech makes a recommendation on the assets condition to the Lead Systems Administrator
  • The asset will be placed in the Tech Center´s inventory or the request will be submitted for an outgoing surplus
  • The Form will then go through the approval process which includes the Tech Center´s Administration Specialist, the COB Finance & Administrative Department and then finally the Property Department for the final transfer of the asset
  • At this time, the Tech will notify the requester of the expected pickup date
  • The surplus process can take from 2-3 weeks from the date of the initial request

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