COB Technology CenterDistribution List Support Request


Support for a new distribution list or to make changes to an existing distribution list (or LISTSERV). To get help, submit your request via the Service Request Form.

Distribution lists only contain members from the Active Directory (faculty/staff). LISTSERV is used for email lists that contain students or non-FIU email addresses.

Requests are accepted from any COB faculty or staff.

A member of the COB Helpdesk team will contact the requester within one (1) business day of the initial request.

For emergency requests, please contact 305.348.6259 (7-6259).

Service Request Form


  • Requests are submitted via the Service Request Form
  • An automated email is generated confirming delivery of the request
  • The requester is contacted within two (2) business days of the initial request
  • The completion time depends on resource capacity
  • The helpdesk will send an email to requestor to confirm it was done

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