International Semester in MiamiCourses

Fall Courses

  • MAR 4156 International Marketing
  • BUL 4310 Legal Environment Business
  • FIN 3414 Intermediate Financial Management MAN 4600 International Management
  • FIN 4604 International Financial Management PHI 2010 Introduction to Philosophy
  • GEB 3003 Career Management 1
  • AMH 2020 American History
  • MAR 4613 Marketing Research I
  • FIN 4502 Securities Analysis

Spring Courses

  • BUL 4310 Legal Environment Business
  • MAR 4156 International Marketing
  • FIN 4324 Commercial Bank Management FIN 4486 Financial Risk Management
  • FIN 4663 Global Private Banking
  • GEB 4110 Writing the Business Plan
  • MAR 4804 Marketing Strategy

Summer Courses

  • MAN 4720 Strategic Management
  • MAN 4633 Multinational Corporation Strategy

How many courses can you take?

  • Complete four to five business electives in spring or fall
  • Complete four business electives in summer

**Can be unilaterally changed by FIU Business. Course availability and special pricing will be provided to partner in writing on an annual basis.
**Courses outside these listed and outside of the business school may have an extra cost.

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