FIU ENACTUS plays a role in supporting the vision and mission of multiple projects. We do this by developing a philosophy, framework, processes, tools, and templates for facilitating strategic conversations with our stakeholders and harvesting and sharing the knowledge arising from these conversations is the key to realizing our vision. We do this using the analogy of Knowledge Gardening.

Strategic conversations with different stakeholders within FIU and in the larger community are critical to realizing our vision. We see creating, storing, and harvesting knowledge (knowledge gardening) as essential to successful conversations and ensuring sustainable and impactful projects. We facilitate project developing through a framework that encourages us to “Build, Talk, and Evolve”.

Model Project

We create our knowledge garden by dividing the projects into three stages. The model helps lead their development:

Stage 1: Planting the seeds

Action Themes:

  • Making Connections
  • Coordinating activities

Becoming aware of the need and devising an idea to solve the problem; we explore various options and experiment to advance a solution, practice various options eventually achieving clarity for a solution. We help locate resource through grant applications, making connections, coordinating activities and devising a plan for implementation.

Stage 2. Cultivating, Nourishing, and Nurturing the Garden

Action Themes:

  • Having Conversations
  • Developing Clarity

Having conversations to implement the strategy, achieving clarity in our plans, creating a distribution channel, improving productivity, supporting the activities of the projects.

Stage 3. Harvesting and Sustaining the Fruits of our Labor

Action Themes:

  • Making appropriate Choices
  • Becoming Competent

Developing competency and proficiency in our project, devising mechanisms to sustain and improve the projects so that they may evolve into an impactful, long lasting mechanism to advance the quality of life and standard of living of our targeted communities

We encourage you to review a presentation on our projects which describes our Knowledge Garden.

  • Financial Literacy Development
    Martin Heid at mheid007@fiu.edu
  • Women-Led Farming in Haiti
    1. Development of a 501(c) 3 Foundation to fund a Women-led Farming Cooperative in Haiti
      Christopher Catedral at ccate004@fiu.edu
    2. Development of a Women-led Farming Cooperative
      Natalie Swatowski at nswat001@fiu.edu
    3. Development of the Association to assist the Cooperative
      Maria Carricarte at mcarr136@fiu.edu
      Ana Isabel Hernandez at anaisabel3094@gmail.com
    4. Development of a Business Plan to help secure funding for the Cooperative
      Vanessa Vazquez at vvazq004@fiu.edu
  • Scarves for Baan Chivit Mai (developed from CIBER Study abroad trip in Thailand)
    Maricarmen Gonzalez at mgonz705@fiu.edu
  • Water Filtration artifacts for Haiti
    Rosangel Espinoza at respi057@fiu.edu
    Natasha Joseph at njose016@fiu.edu
  • Nutrition in Urban Slums
    Maximilian Staedtler at mstae001@fiu.edu
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