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FIU COB Digital Signage Policy and Specifications

  • The digital signage system at CBC, RB, MANGO and Brickell has been established to facilitate the promotion of COB programs and activities.
  • Marketing materials submitted for display are subject to University policies and procedures, Student Code of Conduct, and ADA codes. Also not permitted: defamation, obscenity, pornography, promoting the violent overthrow of the Government or of the existing authorities, inciting to riot and/or infringement on the rights of others.
  • Display of marketing materials in the signage system, does not constitute an endorsement whatsoever.
  • All materials must be neat and legible. The content must include the name of the student organization and/or FIU department, and give the date, time, location of event and any applicable charges.
  • Materials must not promote the consumption of alcoholic beverages, gambling, or illegal activities.
  • At any time, the COB administration or designee may deny a request or rescind any approved requests. Requests will be denied for any of the following: infringements on the safety, health, and welfare of the University community and the order of campus operations; displays that are offensive or graphic in nature; violation of ethical standard; and noncompliance with stated policies, procedures, and laws, or other reasons the University deems appropriate for a public area. The FIU College of Business reserves the right to reduce display time when deemed necessary.
  • Policy violators may be denied future marketing privileges and reported.


  • Only one flyer per event may be submitted for the static loop (See spec requirements below). It will be shown on a first come, first served basis.
  • Content may be submitted up to three (3) weeks prior to event date. Allow three (3) business days for processing time. Approved content will be displayed on rotation for a maximum of two (2) weeks prior to event date.
  • The COB reserves the right to change, delay, or halt regular programming for maintenance, updates, or special events, as necessary.
  • Submit materials to with start and end dates for promotion. 
  • If your program or department needs a specific flyer made please contact your FIU College of Business Account Executive.

Content Format & Requirements

Content displayed on the digital signage system must meet the following minimum requirements before it will be approved and scheduled for display:

Format: .png, .jpeg

Resolution: at least 96dpi

Aspect ratio:

Video Wall (CBC Lobby): 1355 x 541

TV's in CBC Lobby (The four 55 inch televisions): 1914 x 757

Touch Screen Kiosks (CBC, RB & Brickell): 769 x 667

MANGO Vertical Kiosk: 1080 x 1920

Readability: Slides are displayed for 10 seconds at a time. Therefore, limit text and graphic images accordingly.

Text and Fonts: Forty characters or less is the preferred line length, and a maximum of ten lines per slide. Due to resolution limitations, avoid font size smaller than 20 points and light, ornate fonts.

Color and Contrast: Insufficient contrast between text and background colors, as well as using a very bright color, can make reading difficult.

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