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New MBA in Business Analytics

New MBA in Business Analytics

The ability to manage, process and interpret data insights to make business decisions has become imperative in today's business world. That's why FIU Business is launching a new MBA in Business Analytics program, which will focus on developing the essential skills required to pursue careers in big data and quantitative analysis.

Set to begin in January 2022, the program, considered a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program, is designed to give students the tools to address persistent and evolving business problems as well as to make data-driven business decisions.

"Among the must-haves for career success in the evolving workplace is the knowledge and skills to manage analytical tools that are increasingly important to organizations, as well as an understanding of the strategic value of data collection and how to analyze data-related concepts," said William Hardin, associate dean of FIU's Chapman Graduate School.

Students will gain enhanced understanding in applying statistical methods and techniques through the use of decision support systems, expert systems, and business intelligence reporting tools, in addition to business analytics data mining tools.

Graduates will be prepared for positions including C-suite executives and managers in a variety of business settings.