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FIU Business Ranked No. 1 in the World for Real Estate Research

FIU Business Ranked No. 1 in the World for Real Estate Research

By Cynthia Corzo

FIU Business has been ranked No. 1 globally for real estate research productivity by the Journal of Real Estate Literature.

It is the first time that FIU Business has been ranked first in the world, tying with the well-known National University of Singapore (NUS), and the fifth consecutive year it has occupied one of the top two spots in the U.S.

"This puts FIU Business on center stage with the National University of Singapore, which is consistently ranked in the Top 20 and is the best in the Asia-Pacific region," said FIU Business Dean Joanne Li. "We are honored and humbled to be recognized with NUS."

The 2020 Real Estate Academic Leadership (REAL) rankings highlight faculty and institutions demonstrating achievement in intellectual contributions to the field of real estate research from 2016 to 2020.

Institutions and professors are ranked based on the number of publications in the top three peer-reviewed real estate journals – the Journal of Real Estate Economics, the Journal of Real Estate Research and the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. During the 2016- 2020 period, FIU's real estate faculty had 41 contributions.

"There is no doubt that top research schools from all over the world now view FIU Business very differently from the way they viewed us just a decade ago," said Eli Beracha, director of the Hollo School of Real Estate at FIU Business. "We are playing in the major leagues and we are winning."

Three Hollo School professors were ranked in the Top 5 globally in the REAL rankings.

William Hardin, associate dean of FIU's Chapman Graduate School and former director of the Hollo School, who published 12 articles in the academic journals, was ranked No. 2. Professors Zhenguo Lin and Beracha, with 10 articles each, were tied at No. 3.