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First Book From FIU Business Press

First Book From FIU Business Press

FIU Business has teamed up with the nation's fastest-growing independent publishing house to create FIU Business Press, a unique imprint designed to bring resources for business success to a wide audience.

With the college's Office of Executive Education spearheading the effort, FIU Business Press was created as an imprint of Mango Publishing of Coral Gables. The publishing house, led by industry veteran Chris McKenney, was ranked No. 1 on Publishers Weekly's 2019 and 2020 lists of the fastest-growing independent book publishers.

FIU Business Press, modeled after Harvard Business Review Press as a university-based publisher that caters to a general business audience, seeks authors who can share knowledge on a wide array of topics, bringing practical business expertise to its audiences.

"Lifelong learning extends beyond the classsroom," said Jackie Sousa, director of operations for FIU Business Executive Education. "We want to share information that serves as a toolkit to develop business skills."

The imprint's first book, "Finance Secrets of Billion-Dollar Entrepreneurs," was written by Dileep Rao, an FIU Business clinical professor of international business and an expert in entrepreneurship and venture funding. His message: by learning and emulating the tactics of billion-dollar companies, entrepreneurs can achieve their goals and maintain control of their companies without early-stage venture capital. A lineup of other authors and books is already in the works, and FIU Business will keep looking for potential authors and book deals.

Authors seeking to publish books under the FIU Business Press imprint can email