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Philip L. Shepherd

Philip L. Shepherd

Associate Professor
Department of International Business

College of Business
Florida International University

Modesto A. Maidique Campus
11200 S.W. 8th St, MANGO 425
Miami, FL 33199

(305) 348-3317


  • PhD, Political Science and Government
    Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Master of Arts, Political Science
    Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science
    Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee

Areas of Expertise

  • International Cigarette Industry
  • International Political Economy (Honduras)
  • Business Ethics

Professional Activities

Dr. Shepherds most notable publications include "The Emergence of the Tobacco Companies 1900 to Present," U.S. Department Health and Human Services, “Smoking and Health in the Americas: A 1992 Report of the Surgeon General;” “Honduras - Estados Unidos Subordinacion y Crisis,” co-authored with Medea Benjamin and Victor Meza; "The Case of the Invisible Aid," NACLA Report of the Americas; "Transnational Corporation and the Denationalization of the Latin American Cigarette Industry," Historical Studies in International Corporate Business, edited by Alice Teichova; and others. He has served as a consultant to the University Research Corporation for the U.S. Agency for International Development Study of Sustainability of Public Health Programs, in Honduras. He was also a consultant on Latin America/Honduran political and economic developments for the Visiting Scholar Programs Washington office. Currently, Professor Shepherd is a member of the American Economics Association, American Association for Evolutionary Economics, Latin American Studies Association, and American Political Sciences Association.

Courses Taught

  • Business Ethics
  • Business in Latin America
  • Business In Society
  • Fundamentals of International Business
  • Master's Seminar in Management
  • Modern Buisness Hist
  • Organization and Management

Refereed Journal Articles

Tsalikis, J., Seaton, B., & Shepherd, P. (2013). Business Ethics Index: Latin America. Journal of Business Ethics, 119(2).

Tsalikis, J., Seaton, B., & Shepherd, P. (2011). The business ethics index as a leading economic indicator. Journal of Business Ethics, 99(4).

Tsalikis, J., Seaton, B. F., & Shepherd, P. L. (2008). Relative Importance Measurement of the Moral Intensity Dimensions. Journal of Business Ethics, 80(3).

Tomaras, P., Tsalikis, J., & Shepherd, P. L. (2006). The Effects of Cultural Isolation on Ethical Perceptions. Journal of Business in Developing Nations, 9.

Shepherd, P. L., Tsalikis, J., & Seaton, B. (2002). An Inquiry into the Ethical Perceptions of Sub-Cultural Groups in the US: Hispanics Versus Anglos. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 19(2).

Tsalikis, J., Seaton, B., & Shepherd, P. L. (2001). Relativism in Ethical Research: A Proposed Model and Mode of Inquiry. Journal of Business Ethics, 32(3).

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