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Richard E. Klein Jr

Richard E. Klein Jr

Associate Dean, R. Kirk Landon Undergraduate School of Business

Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics

College of Business
Florida International University

Modesto A. Maidique Campus
11200 S.W. 8th St, CBC 303A
Miami, FL 33199

(305) 348-2156


  • Ph.D. in Business Administration
    Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Master of Arts in Economics
    Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts
  • Master of Science in Technology Management
    Mercer University, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics
    Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts

Areas of Expertise

  • Analytics
  • Dyadic Data Analysis
  • Healthcare Information Systems

Professional Activities

Dr. Richard Klein serves as Associate Dean of the R. Kirk Landon Undergraduate School of Business atFlorida International University’s College of Business and Interim Director the college’s School of Accounting. He is a full Professor in the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics, where he previously served as Chair. His research examines healthcare information systems and informatics, electronic business initiatives, and inter-organizational information systems. Dr. Klein has published work in top journals, including Decision Sciences, the European Journal of Information Systems, Information and Management, the Journal of Management Information Systems, MIS Quarterly, and the Journal of Operations Management. He also serves as an Associate Editor for the European Journal of Information Systems as well as co-chaired healthcare related tracks at both the Americas Conference on Information Systems and the European Conference on Information Systems. Additionally, Dr. Klein has over a decade of industry experience with Automatic Data Processing and the First Data Corporation, as well as consulting experience for Fiserv, General Electric Healthcare Systems, Sage Health Management Solutions, United Parcel Service, and the United States Army.

Courses Taught

  • Application of Quantitative Methods in Business
  • College of Business Internship
  • Cooperative Education in Management Information Systems
  • Dissertation Preparation
  • Healthcare Project Management
  • Information Security and Compliance
  • Information Systems Security and Compliance
  • Introduction to Information Systems
  • Ph.D. Dissertation
  • Project Management of Information Sciences
  • Quality Assessment and Outcome in Healthcare
  • Seminar on Research in Emerging Organizations

Refereed Journal Articles

Riley J., & Klein R.


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Young Consumers

, 22(1)


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