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FIU Executive Education certificates of mastery are not degrees and do not lead up to a degree. The courses that are part of our mastery certificate programs are non-credit courses. A certificate of mastery is designed to prepare learners for leadership roles within their respective areas of interest. The curriculum provides learners with a broader range of management and leadership skills in addition to building knowledge about a specific topic.

The Certificate of Mastery in Operations Management is earned upon successful completion of these five courses:

  • Operations and Supply Chain Management (Online, Self-Paced; Four Months Access)
  • Business Data Analytics (Virtual, Instructor-Led)
  • Management Leadership (Virtual, Instructor-Led)
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (Online, Self-Paced; Four Months Access)
  • Finance Essentials for Non-Finance Business Leaders (Online, Self-Paced; Four Months Access)

In addition, an individual certificate for each of the five courses is earned upon successful completion of each course, making a total of six certificates.

Yes, if you already have successfully completed some of the courses in the program, you still may earn the mastery certificate by enrolling in the mastery program and successfully completing the courses you have not already completed. For registration assistance and to make sure courses you already have taken can be applied toward the mastery certificate, email fiuexeced@fiu.edu.


You may register for a mastery certificate program from the mastery certificate home page on this website. Once you register, you will have access to the mastery certificate program participants page, where you can register for each course in the program individually and on your own schedule. 

On the FIU Executive Education web site, find the Mastery program that interests you. On that program page, you will see an “Enroll Now” button. Click on that button to be taken to the enrollment page. At the time of enrollment into the mastery program, you pay an enrollment fee of $350. Once enrolled, you will receive instructions on how to register for the individual courses in the program. As part of the mastery program, you will be able to register for each course in the program at a special discounted price. When you are ready to take a course, you simply register for the course you want to take and pay for the course at that time. Please note that even with the enrollment fee, the total mastery program cost is at a significant savings compared to taking each course individually outside of the mastery program.

You will have up to 18 months to complete all the courses in the mastery certificate program. The courses vary in length and modality. Some are virtual, instructor-led courses with set session schedules. Others are fully online, self-paced with approximately four months online access. Please see each course description in the Topics section to learn more about each course. Because participants can take multiple courses at the same time if they wish, it is possible to complete the program within a few months.

If an emergency or extenuating circumstances prevent you from completing the five courses within 18 months, you may contact the program coordinator or FIU Executive Education at fiuexeced@fiu.edu to request re-enrollment. A re-enrollment fee will apply.

FIU Executive Education courses and programs are non-credit. As a result, learners in our programs are not official FIU students in the sense that they are not awarded a “Panther ID” number nor student ID.

The program coordinator (PC) is your primary point of contact for any program-related issues/concerns. Communication can be through phone, email or through the Canvas Learning Management System. The PC will help participants with areas such as registration, payments, invoices and certificates. The PC will also assist with other issues that may arise by either serving as a liaison or directing the participant to the appropriate contact. Also, the PC will provide administrative support for the program. Should you have any questions before, during or after the program, please do not hesitate to contact fiuexeced@fiu.edu or phone 305.348.4217.

International attendees are welcome to enhance their professional development by participating in FIU Executive Education programs. Program modalities are conveniently set to fit the schedules of busy professionals. Programs are typically delivered either live/virtual (cohort) synchronous or fully online (self-paced) asynchronous. We may also offer in-person programs. Please refer to each program’s Delivery Method listed on the program’s home page.

Student Visas: Continuing professional education programs are non-credit and non-degree programs; therefore, they do not qualify for US student visas. To attend in-person programs, international participants usually need tourist visa. When necessary, our office may present an official letter from FIU to confirmed participants which that may be used in support for obtaining a tourist visa.

Should you have additional questions or concerns, please email us at execed@fiu.edu.

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