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Breaking down barriers to achieve greatness is one of the many talents of high-achieving female networkers. These same female leaders demonstrate exemplary foresight and finesse in achieving engagement and improving ROI. The following modules focus on understanding and teaching the value of organizational and communal relationships.

Understand the difference positive networking and management can make. Learn how to create change within an organization through inspiring positive self-awareness, generating essential dialogue, and providing daily motivation.

  • Develop your own feminine strength, style and strategies of confidence.
  • Discover the power of high-achieving female role models.
  • Break down silos and the glass ceiling.

Identify and assess empathy among employees and colleagues. Discover how to use your own experiences to inspire and lead team dynamics.

  • Overcome individual and interpersonal barriers.
  • Learn how to train teams for greatness.
  • Uncover why TEDx, EI Movies and YouTube inspire personnel.

Discover how to engage your community and increase your ethical ROI. Understand the power of leveraging your communal efforts to strengthen your relationships, resulting in increased organizational performance.

  • Determine the importance of share of voice and collaboration for profit.
  • Identify the need for corporate social responsibility vs. opportunity.
  • Learn how cross-pollination of humanitarian efforts affect the bottom line. 


Be true to yourself and use your integrity to help promote positive organizational culture and change. Understand how diversity, clear goal setting, and decision-making impacts the day-to-day.

Learn to embrace your self-confidence and expand your leadership identity during a global crisis. Develop and implement an action plan to excel as a female leader while balancing your professional and personal life.

  • Identify the four essential elements of balance: learn, interact, framework, excel.
  • Discover how progressive conservatism influences female leadership.
  • Develop an action plan to be a motivated female mentor.

Overcome challenges with diversity and adversity in a dynamic work environment. Generate strategies to communicate with a dynamic work force while breaking barriers and embracing inclusivity.

  • Uncover verbal and nonverbal communication patterns.
  • Learn the effect of power plays and gender rituals in the office.
  • Develop your own style for speaking and presenting.

Create space to practice decision-making with employees and administrators. Apply a strategy for how and when to take timely and decisive action in managing the behavior of employees and the organization.

  • Identify how female encouragement is used in the decision-making process.
  • Generate advocacy and reformation for policy change.
  • Learn how to properly use resource allocation to help influence and improve employee performance


Confidence and resolution hold the keys to success. Yet, so does the style, behavior, and actions of the female executive who can bring about transformational and transactional workmanship.​


Develop collaborative communication processes and skills for negotiation. Harness the power of your actions to lead and manage efforts in your organization, resulting in measurable and accountable projects.

  • Discover ways to enhance your confidence, behavior and actions.
  • Understand the benefits of respect, resolution and returns for female negotiators.
  • Learn close to the vest strategies – she who speaks first loses the game.

Learn to use idea sprinting and the birth of new products as a means for intellectual growth and relevancy. Determine how ideas generated within an organization lead to transformational and transactional success.

  • Uncover the behavior styles of a strong female.
  • Identify the importance of the leader-member exchange theory.
  • Drive agility and mentorship while instilling standards for achievement among employees.

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