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Our Consulting Team

We are a team of highly experienced professionals who have developed our expertise in Government contracting and procurement; International Business Development & Trade; Online marketing, social media, web development; Finance, access to capital and business operations; Marketing, branding and communications among other expertise areas.

How We Can Help

Our goal is to assist business owners in overcoming obstacles, leading to increased profitability. Experienced, paid, professional consultants provide service at no cost to the business. All clients, their businesses, and related information are kept strictly confidential.

Growth Acceleration

A dedicated consultant can conduct an in-depth business assessment, including an onsite visit, to evaluate and implement opportunities to create sustainable growth.

International Business

Our international business specialists can deliver the tools, strategies, and expertise needed to help grow and succeed abroad, including developing an Export Marketing Plan.

Market Analysis

We help you understand your market and uncover new opportunities to deliver products/services. Gain access to data and information generally unaffordable or unavailable.

Government Contracting

Assistance with research and bidding on local, state and federal government contracts, certifications, bid/proposal preparation, registrations, contract administration and auditing.

Financial Analysis

Assess your business cost structure, budgets, and financial situation to uncover hidden profits and gain access to capital.

Start-up Assistance

From identifying funding options to developing customer acquisition strategies, we'll help you take the steps necessary to achieve start-up success.

Business Continuation

Plan for disasters and other business interruptions by preparing comprehensive Business Continuity, Emergency Preparedness, and Disaster Recovery plans.


Together with FIU's Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center, we offer training workshops and seminars to help manage and grow a successful business.

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What Our Clients Say

"I took the assistance of SBDC at FIU because I was looking for someone to guide me. I was tired of spending money in other places and at the end receiving no help or not the correct help. SBDC has helped me with my plan and expansion."

— Leidy Torres, Mommy and Me Salon

"Our SBDC consultant's advice on pursuing governmental contracts was a game changer for our company."

— Berry Lamy, JFK Tutoring

"In each person there is a potential entrepreneur. However, one of the key aspects is access to information and resources … The SBDC has been my safe haven."

— Rosa Quintero, Rosquines Inc.