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FIU Business Career Management partners with VMock SMART Career Platform to help you create a powerful resume and accelerate your career.

VMock, an online resume review tool is powered by cutting edge data-science, machine learning, and natural language processing that provides instant personalized resume feedback 24/7 based on your profile, experiences and academic achievement. The platform is backed by sophisticated analytics along with global best practices and recruiters’ perspectives that will make your resume career-ready.

VMock SMART Career Platform

VMock SMART Career Platform provides you with:

  • Aggregate resume score to assess the strength of your resume benchmarked against your peer group
  • Comprehensive presentation checks to ensure that you do not miss the finer details and establish a great first impression
  • Intelligent assessment of core competencies to help you showcase the right skill set reflected in academics, experiences and achievements
  • Actionable and targeted feedback for every bullet to create a powerful impact
  • Feedback from your mentors and peers via network feedback by leveraging your social circles

How to leverage VMock

Once you’re invited by Business Career Management, upload the PDF version of your resume on VMock and receive a score and detailed feedback in less than 30 seconds. Make relevant changes to the resume and re-upload to see the increased score and associated improvements.

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VMock SMART Career Platform

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