Student Experience Team

As a student in the Professional MBA program, you will be assigned to a dedicated Program Manager or Coordinator from our Student Experience team. They will offer you support in the following areas:

  • Direct point of contact to students regarding personal and academic issues
  • Deliver faculty support regarding course scheduling, and student communications
  • Liaise between students and other departments within FIU
  • Provide academic support such as course registration, program advisement, and preparation for graduation. Notify students regarding account registration holds.
  • Monitor students' progress to ensure that they successfully meet all program requirements
  • Assist in the organization and administration of Professional Development Residencies, and graduation celebrations
  • Facilitate parking access information for enrolled students in the Professional MBA program

Student Experience Team

From left to right: Diana Medina, Rosa Fuste, Angelica Analco, Lauren Hongamen


Get to Know Our Student Experience Team

If you could travel anywhere outside of the US, where would you visit?

I would travel to Italy due to its historic nature and to experience eating authentic pasta! Italy is surrounded by beautiful music, food, fashion, and is something I would love to experience.

Harry Castillo
Program Manager

What is your favorite thing to do with your downtime?

When I am not in the office supporting our students to be successful in their graduate careers, I like to spend time with my family. One of our favorite things to do is skiing. No, I am not talking about water skiing, I am talking about going to Colorado and skiing down the Rocky Mountains. Being in the snow for a little bit is a great getaway for the family (especially a family from Miami)!

Diana Medina
Associate Director of Academic Support Services

Describe your perfect day…

I would start off my ideal day by going to grab breakfast at Isla Canarias with my husband and family on a sunny Saturday morning – Cuban breakfast is a must have! I would then pass by Publix to pick up some pub subs (and snacks) and head over to the South Pointe Park for a laidback beach picnic. After catching some sun, I always love to hang out with my friends for extremely competitive game nights or simply go visit my parents’ home for some quality time movie night!

Angelica Analco
Program Coordinator