Global Sales ProgramsWhy FIU sales?

Key Features and Benefits

Why You Should Engage in FIU’s Global Sales Program

Here’s what reputable sales research institutions have to say:

Professional Sales was a top-ranked career for a number of other disciplines outside of marketing.

Sales ranked second for students majoring in general business, economics, international business, and management.

Sales ranked third for students majoring in finance, operations management, HR and management information systems.

Across campuses, Professional Sales was ranked second/third for students in the social, natural and physical sciences, liberal arts, and communications.

More than 50% of college graduates enter a career in sales.

43.5% of graduates were offered jobs upon graduation and sales programs reported an average of 90%.

College-trained sales students have 35% lower turnover rates.

Students prepared with sales-oriented business curricula ‘ramp up’ 50% faster compared to a non-sales trained student.

The anticipated savings for companies per-hire is $180,000 within the first two years of employment.

Sales Education Foundation (SEF)

The Sales Education Foundation (SEF) recognizes Florida International University as a “Top University Professional Sales Education” program. We have received this recognition because of our excellence in preparing students for successful careers in professional selling and elevating the sales profession. The SEF 2016 ANNUAL Magazine, their 10th edition, is viewable upon click above.

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