Global Sales ProgramWhat Do Our Sales Alumni Say?

Our alumni have achieved extraordinary things in their careers. The Global Sales Program enables growth and opportunity, yielding powerful results. Our most successful students took every opportunity to learn, network and connect. Let’s look at what our alumni have to say about their experiences with the Global Sales Program:


Carolina Chavez
Sales Development Representative, Salesforce

"The FIU Global Sales Program provided me with a strong and unique competitive advantage when seeking out employment. The skills I developed through the program and the Sales Society enabled me to obtain a position upon graduation that normally requires 2-4+ years of sales experience to qualify"

Khahdeem Clarke

Khahdeem C. Clarke
Consultant - Pediatric Permanent Placement at CompHealth

"The sales program at FIU completely changed my life through opportunities. Not to mention the understanding of my potential!"

Robert Esquivel

Robert Esquivel
Senior Sales Analyst, The Clorox Company

"The Sales Program at FIU taught me many valuable things. It taught me how to network, role play, talk to professionals, and most importantly get out of my comfort zone. Sales is all about getting out of your comfort zone."

Katelyn Evans

Katelyn Evans
Sales Manager at PSAV

"The Sales Program at FIU definitely prepared me to work in sales. The practical and informative classes not only aided in preparing me for professional sales work, but for interviews and the professional world in itself. I received incredible support from the Global Sales Lab, especially from Professor Rauseo and Soltero. I regret not joining the Sales Society sooner!"


Joseph Gayoso
Technical Recruiter

"I went from being too scared to compete in a sales competition to being in the Top 10 in my last contest before graduating. The Global Sales Program taught me how to plan, prepare, and practice so that I can have productive conversations about solving problems"

Wilmer Marquez

Wilmer Marquez
Inside Sales Representative at Miami Marlins

"When I first joined the program I just didn't know how important it could be to learn sales as a complement to my marketing career. I started to realize how sales and all the CRM training will impact my future in any industry."


Jose Medina
Client Associate Merrill Lynch

"Joining the Sales Society was single handedly the best decision I made while at FIU. The knowledge and experience I gained has proven invaluable. Without the skills I learned, I would not have landed the job I have today. I strongly recommend that any student join the Sales Program and participate in the competitions. The real life experience you gain has no price. All I regret is not getting involved earlier!"

Nancy Melara

Nancy Melara
Recruitment Specialist at Hult International Business School

"The Sales and Customer Relationship Management certificate was well worth my time and efforts in my undergraduate journey at FIU. The practical knowledge I received, paired with Dr. Nancy Rauseo's superb mentorship, enabled me to impress potential employers and obtain multiple job offers days before graduation. Much of the on-thejob training and orientation process is exactly what students are exposed to in the curriculum, and this is what makes sales students highly competitive in the professional world."

Janelle Neste

Janelle Neste
Small Business Consultant at ADP

"The Sales Program gave me purpose at FIU. If it wasn't for the sales program and its directors Dr. Rauseo and Professor Soltero, I wouldn't have found a career I'm passionate about."

Jose Nunez

Jose Nunez
Analyst at Nielsen Company

"The FIU Sales Program and its faculty forever changed my life! While I am not in the sales profession, the program taught me how to effectively influence others and deal with multiple personalities. This is one of FIU’s hidden gems which I strongly recommend that you check out if you are in a business related field. I promise that you will be very surprised with what you learn and are able to take away!"


Andrea Saladrigas
Account Manager Procter & Gamble

"The Sales Society gave me a safe place to expand my knowledge in sales and to develop strong professional foundation that allowed me to achieve innumerable professional and personal goals. My years involves in the Global Sales Program not only gave me the confidence and business acumen to accelerate my professional career but a family that has remained with me even after collage. I can say with confidence that I wouldn't be the successful person I am without this program at FIU."

Andres Villacis

Andres Villacis
Management Trainee, Enterprise Rent-A-Car

"One of the best decisions I have ever made was to join the FIU Sales Program. Professor Rauseo and Soltero are definitely awesome mentors for anyone looking to learn everything about sales. After completing the program, I really feel that I learned a lot, and acquired powerful skills that will help me succeed in the business world."

Sales Education Foundation (SEF)

The Sales Education Foundation (SEF) recognizes Florida International University as a “Top University Professional Sales Education” program. We have received this recognition because of our excellence in preparing students for successful careers in professional selling and elevating the sales profession. The SEF 2021 ANNUAL Magazine, their 15th edition, is viewable upon click above.

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