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Academic Programs

Workshops, Panel Discussions and Roundtables

  • We offer students several experiential learning opportunities throughout the semester to expand their learning outside of the classroom. Facilitators include sales professionals and executives, sales trainers, recruiters and sales faculty.

Global Sales Lab

  • The Global Sales Lab opened its doors in the fall of 2015. The facility helps students and professionals develop presentation skills, sales techniques, negotiation abilities and relationship management skills needed in today’s global economy. Most sales courses require students to conduct simulated role plays in the lab as well as self- and peer-evaluations upon review of the recordings.

    The Global Sales Lab includes twelve (12) Sales Lab Training Rooms with recording and virtual access capabilities as well as a Technology Control Room.

*If your company is interested in becoming a Global Sales Lab Training Room Sponsor, please contact Dr. Nancy Rauseo at or at (305) 348 1929.

Networking Events

  • Meet & Greet: The meet and greet serves as a venue to kick off every semester. It’s a place where sales students, sales alumni, corporate partners, supporters and future sponsors can get to know each other.
  • Global Sales Awards: Full-time undergraduate FIU students enrolled in the Global Sales Program are eligible to participate in a sales incentive program. Based on a competitive point system, sales students can accumulate points for their level of academic excellence, corporate engagement and participation in the Sales Program. Winners will be recognized at the Banquet and awarded scholarships and other awards.

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Sales Alumni

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Sales Society

  • Our Mission: We are a like-minded community of dedicated students interested in mastering our craft in sales. We provide a venue for further developing members interpersonal, networking, objection handling, listening and questioning. Using a workshop setting facilitated by corporate guest speakers and sales professionals, students can practice these skills, enabling them to become confident and ethical sales and service professionals.
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Sales Education Foundation (SEF)

The Sales Education Foundation (SEF) recognizes Florida International University as a “Top University Professional Sales Education” program. We have received this recognition because of our excellence in preparing students for successful careers in professional selling and elevating the sales profession. The SEF 2016 ANNUAL Magazine, their 10th edition, is viewable upon click above.

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