Global Sales ProgramWhy Global Sales at FIU?

Our Sales Program is global. We prepare students for the ongoing changes of a culturally diverse and global business environment. Part of our strategy is to conduct sales development and training, in English and Spanish. We also focus on adaptability, an important skill needed to embrace change and the unexpected. After all, that’s reality. It’s what differentiates a company and professionals in a highly competitive environment. 

Degree Programs

We currently offer two undergraduate degree specializations:

We produce a well-qualified pool of job candidates!

  • Courses follow experiential learning and ‘flipped classroom’ pedagogical models.
  • Class time is a place to work through problems and advanced business concepts, and to engage in collaborative learning.
  • Courses include business meeting simulations using a variety of real-world cases and role play scenarios.
  • The Global Sales Lab is used by over 400 students each semester to conduct role plays, sales team meetings, sales presentations, elevator pitches, inside sales calls, and more.
  • Most classes involve the participation of corporate sponsors who co-facilitate special topics and serve as coaches and buyers.

Courses are integrated and designed to enhance the skills essential for inside and outside sales, marketing and service positions across all marketing channels.


The FIU Competing Sales Team participates in national sales competitions, representing the Global Sales Program and FIU. Students admitted into the Global Sales Program can apply to join this team. Members will have an opportunity to showcase their professional sales skills, network with faculty, corporate sponsors and recruiters, and to gain recognition, the best prize being a job offer! 

Global Sales also hosts two competitions each year:

Qualifying sponsors and business community representatives serve as buyers and judges in our hosted competitions.

Apprentice Program

We offer qualified students an opportunity to apply their learning beyond the classroom through a Sales and Business Development Apprenticeship. The apprentice position is focused on

  • building brand awareness of Global Sales on campus;
  • securing PST and GBSC sponsorships;
  • supporting existing sponsor relationships (account management);
  • assisting with sales research studies; and
  • providing support in our Global Sales Lab.

Each Apprentice is assigned a “territory”, enabling the student to produce results that lead to varying levels of scholarship opportunities.

Sales Society

The mission of the Sales Society is to represent the sales student body of FIU. It is the 'promoting' and ‘engagement’ arm of the Global Sales Program on campus. This is accomplished through effective engagements at all student and corporate sponsor touch points.

The Sales Society provides both business and non-business students with a better understanding of sales as a profession and with a venue for further skills development. Students can practice their skills, enabling them to become confident, ethical sales and service professionals.

Any student can apply to the Sales Society. The Sales Society meets each week during the fall and spring semesters. Activities include the Sales Incubator, workshops, panel discussions, roundtable discussions, Industry Nights, information sessions, corporate tours, mock competitions, sales alumni coaching and social events. Members receive invitations to job interviews and offers for internships and full-time positions as a result of their participation.

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Global Sales Lab

The Global Sales Lab is a place for learning beyond the classroom. We strive to foster a collaborative learning environment, connecting students and potential employers in simulated business scenarios. This will help facilitate the job opportunities we want for our students.

The Global Sales Lab is located in the northeast wing of the third floor of the Ryder Business Building, on FIU’s main campus. The facility:

  • supports the sales degree specializations as well as professional and executive sales training;
  • hosts the PST and GBSC competitions;
  • includes twelve (12) training rooms equipped with video technology, enabling the recording of individuals and groups when conducting role plays, meetings and presentations;
  • allows students to virtually access their recordings from anywhere to see themselves in action and learn from their own observations.
  • allows faculty, coaches, qualified sponsors and student peers to provide feedback.


There are many sponsorship opportunities available to corporations and businesses interested in engaging with our students. Companies and/or individuals can choose from a variety of engagements:

  • Sponsorship of a Global Sales Lab Training Room for up to three (3) years
  • Corporate Sponsorship in Student Education and Sales Society activities
  • Product Sponsorship for Panther Sales Tournament and the Global Bilingual Sales Competition
  • Event Competition Sponsor for the Panther Sales Tournament and the Global Bilingual Sales Competition

Sales Education Foundation (SEF)

The Sales Education Foundation (SEF) recognizes Florida International University as a “Top University Professional Sales Education” program. We have received this recognition because of our excellence in preparing students for successful careers in professional selling and elevating the sales profession. The SEF 2021 ANNUAL Magazine, their 15th edition, is viewable upon click above.

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