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Supply Chain Management Certificate

This program is only offered in Spanish 

profInstructor: Dr. Ron Mesia

Dates: Fall 2010

Duration: 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM. Classes meet every Tuesday for 8 consecutive sessions.

Fee: To be announced.

Registration deadline: To be announced.

Educational Materials: Materials are provided in English but classes will be performed in Spanish.

supply chain is the management of inter-connected organizations moving goods from the stage of raw materials, through work processing by producers, to the delivery of services and products to the end user, i.e., customer or client. What started out as simply paying more attention to organizing and managing the enterprise's suppliers has now developed into an automatedsupply chain management system.

We are living in times of economic turbulence and global problems, such as volatile financial markets, eroding real estate markets, political instability, global warming, immigration, etc.. We consider it extremely important for a company to know the details of how its supply chain works and how it is designed. Knowing this information is a competitive advantage that companies should use to gain a leadership position in their markets.

Globalization and technology today allow to buy or sell products and services from anywhere in the world. It is extremely important to know not only the flow of products since they are designed until they reach the consumer's hands, but it is also important to know the flow of capital, and especially the flow of information. Part of the secret to success lies in establishing cooperative programs integrating all suppliers in the supply chain.

Course overview

Our series of three courses on topics related to Supply Chain Management will teach you all you need to know about this very important area of today’s business administration.

Course I: Foundation of Supply Chain Management

Duration: 8 weeks, one 3.5 hour session per week.

In this course, we introduce the concept of supply chains – exploring the concept of managing a supply chain to improve an organization’s overall supply efficiency. We will discuss topics such as demand management, planning techniques, manufacturing, logistics, process reengineering, and we will also introduce the concept of ‘green’ supply chain.

We will identify the major concepts, methods, processes and systems both in the supply side and in the distribution side of a generalized supply chain.

Course II: Effective Supply Management Performance

Duration: 8 weeks, one 3.5 hour session per week.

In this course, we will discuss topics such as international supply chain management, forecasting, logistics, material handling and inventory, planning, product development and project management.

We will build on the knowledge from course I to dig deeper into more advanced concepts related to supply chains. We will talk about the international aspect of a supply chain, developing & implementing a warehouse and inventory management system, understanding customers’ requirements to develop products and the importance of implementing a project management methodology for effective cost & resources control.

Course III: Leadership in Supply Management

Duration: 8 weeks, one 3.5 hour session per week.

In this course, we will discuss topics such as leadership, techniques to ascertain the state of the supply chain, risk, strategic sourcing, collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR), quality, social responsibility and globalization.

We will focus on the human side of the supply chain, discussing what organizations can do to design a strategic supply management plan. We will also talk about developing, implementing and managing a risk profile in accordance with contracts, applicable laws, regulations and organizational policy. We will introduce the concept of CPFR, discuss the pros and cons of insourcing vs. outsourcing, and close by discussing globalization and its importance in today’s economy.

Course methodology

Each session is divided into two halves. During the first half, we will cover theory on different topics related with supply chain management. During the second half, we will review 'business cases', or 'white papers' or we will bring a 'guest speaker', an expert in these matters, to speak to participants about his/her professional experience in the area. The material that is covered during the second half will have a straight relationship with the theory that was taught during the first half.

We believe it is essential to combine theory with practice, and selected very recent material from companies that have had problems related to management of their supply chains. We will review these cases, focusing on basic definitions that participants can remember. We will also review techniques, tools and methodology chosen today by many leading companies in this area worldwide.