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Ken H. Johnson's Real Estate Blog

Ken H. Johnson's Real Estate Blog

Creating an Aware and Thinking Market Place

As Editor of the Journal of Housing Research (JHR) and a former practitioner, Dr. Johnson has a unique understanding of both research and practice. Many of the postings are reviews from original works in (or forthcoming in) JHR.  Others are reviews from additional leading real estate research outlets: Real Estate Economics (REE), Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (JREFE), Journal of Real Estate Research (JRER), Journal of Urban Economics (JUE), and Journal of Housing Economics (JHE), among others.  Some few are thoughts and ideas for working papers or simply editorials.  All articles contain some new analysis beyond the scope of the original piece.  Most often, this new analysis is simply an outline of how research findings might be employed in practice.  At other times, these “boiled down” articles might take opposing viewpoints.  Regardless, the idea is to create an aware and thinking market place.

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The opinions in Ken H. Johnson’s Real Estate Blog are Dr. Johnson’s and not necessarily those of FIU.  The purpose of this link is to expand access to the existing base of real estate knowledge.