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Management Information Systems Major

Graduates of the management information systems (MIS) are able to design, develop, and implement information systems to solve organizational problems effectively. This major provides students with the background they need to give informational support for decision-making in organizations and to understand the impact that information systems have on the business enterprise. We strive to prepare graduates for entry-level positions in the MIS profession in both user and system departments.

Learning Goals

After completing your BBA with a major in Management Information Systems, you will be able to:

  • Recognize and analyze business problems and opportunities, apply systems development methodologies to elicit and analyze customer requirements
  • Propose information systems-based solutions that are technically sound, economically feasible, and organizationally viable
  • Communicate, orally and in writing, information systems solutions to the various stakeholders
  • Use information systems to provide customers with the data, information, and knowledge to make decisions
  • Develop state of the art information technology skills in the contemporary and emerging dynamic and complex business environment.
  • Collaborate in a team to participate in or manage complex information-based business projects

Degree Requirements

  • 60 credits of lower division course work including business pre-core courses.
  • 60 credits of upper division course work, including business core courses, MIS business major courses, and upper division business electives.
  • MIS major courses require a grade of "C" or higher.

MIS Major Courses

Core Curriculum

ISM 3153 Business Process Analysis 
ISM 3230 Business Application Development
ISM 4113 Systems Analysis and Design 
ISM 4210 Data Base Applications 
ISM 4220 Business Data Communications 
ISM 4323 Information Security Management
ISM 4400 Management Support Systems 
MAN 4583 Project Management

Business Systems Electives

ISM 4053 Interface Design for Business Applications
ISM 4054 Introduction to Web Management 
ISM 4154 Business Application Integration

Business Analytics Electives

ISM 4211 Database Systems and Physical Design
ISM 4402 Business Intelligence and Reporting
ISM 4420 Business Analytics


EEL 4789 Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures
EEL 4802 EEL4802 Introduction to Digital Forensics Engineering
EEL 4803 EEL4803 Introduction Malware Reverse Engineering

Capstone Course

ISM 4151 Systems Management 

Undergraduate MIS Major Course Map

Click here for a map of the specific undergraduate career tracks for MIS majors.

Upper Division Business Electives

Students may take three business electives among the following courses:

ISM 4340 Organizational Impacts
ISM 4949 Cooperative Education in MIS II


Any 3000/4000 level business course


Any 3000/4000 level course offered by the Computer Science Department
or ECO3202 - Applied Macro Economics

Two Year and Four Year Major Maps

For more information view the Management Information Systems program requirements.