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Introduction to Business (GEB 2011) is a fully-online course offered in the fall and spring semesters.

The course is designed for students who plan to major in business and non-business students who want a glimpse of what a business student curriculum involves and obtain a basic understanding of business to round out their general undergraduate education.

For those who are intended business majors, the course enables them to explore the entire spectrum of business—from manufacturing to sales to accounting to human resource management to marketing to finance to international business to management information systems.  It outlines the business education menu, explains the principles of business, and provides an overview of business functions, processes, and segments.  It also addresses aspects of management and leadership, providing students with self assessment tools to help them understand their interests as well as their aptitude in the various business disciplines.

For those who simply want a taste of what business is all about, the course can be enlightening and fun. 

Introduction to Business uses current events to illustrate business concepts and helps students build a business vocabulary sufficient for them to understand CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, or the nightly business news.  It increases students’ business literacy and understanding of current global business events. It can also help students decide if they want to pursue a business minor to supplement their major in another field.

Furthermore, the course uses podcasts, compelling videos, and current event articles to supplement the text—which is available in electronic format with a companion audio version and student learning guide.  It’s perfect for self-directed learners and well suited for those who like a variety of learning resources and presentation modalities.

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