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Bachelor of Business Administration

Our traditional Bachelor of Business Administration will give you a solid general education, a fundamental understanding of business concepts and practices, a deeper knowledge of one major area of business and an appreciation of the role of business in society both in the United States and globally.

Through the courses that you will take, you will gain an understanding of:

  • how goods and services are produced, financed and marketed in both domestic and international business enterprises
  • how economic and legal environments affect business
  • how ethical, social and political influence both profit and nonprofit enterprises
  • basics of accounting, quantitative methods, computers and management information systems
  • organizational theory and behavior and interpersonal communication,
  • how managers, including senior executives, make decisions despite limited facts and great uncertainty.

The required courses in your selected major will prepare you to enter or pursue advanced studies in the specialized area of your choice. And, your approved elective courses will broaden your understanding in other areas of special interest to you.

Curricular learning goals

Once you complete your BBA degree, you will be able to:

1. Individually and collaboratively formulate, structure, support, deliver, receive, evaluate, and adapt written and oral messages. This includes:

  • Writing effective business correspondence using various types of media and technology.
  • Researching, organizing, supporting, and orally delivering business presentations adapted to diverse audiences.
  • Using pronunciation, grammar, nonverbal communication, and articulation appropriate to the designated audience.

2. Use information technology as a tool to do essential business tasks. This includes:

  • Creating documents, presentations, databases, and spreadsheets
  • Using the web to find information and/or create web pages
  • Recalling the meaning of concepts and terminology related to hardware, software, and networks.

3. Demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes to compete in a global business environment.  This includes:

  • Exhibiting knowledge of the major cultural, economic, social and legal environments faced by organizations in global markets
  • Demonstrating appropriate responses to cultural diversity in a global economy
  • Assessing the needs of and justify the advantages accruing from expanding into international markets
  • Developing strategies for the challenges of operating in a global environment

4. Apply critical thinking skills to complex business problems. This includes:

  • Analyzing complex business problems, particularly ill-structured ones (i.e., business problems with no “right answer”).
  • Identifying  and evaluating  relevant issues and information
  • Generating and evaluating possible solutions to the problems
  • Recommending solutions based on a well-reasoned rationale
  • Communicating your thought processes to others.

5. Use quantitative analytical skills to:

  • Identify and analyze material factors that are involved in business problems
  • Determine and apply relevant frameworks from Accounting, Finance, Decision Sciences, Marketing, and Management to address business problems
  • Determine and apply appropriate problem-solving techniques to business problems
  • Integrate knowledge across business disciplines to formulate decisions.

6. Demonstrate ethical understanding and reasoning abilities, including an understanding of the ethical responsibilities of organizations, by:

  • Recognizing ethical dilemmas
  • Evaluating how stakeholders will be affected by various possible solutions to ethical dilemmas
  • Making ethical decisions
  • Providing a rationale for your decisions using ethical schools of thought.

7. Demonstrate functional skills and knowledge in the study of business as delineated in the learning goals for your major and the core subjects.

Degree Options and Requirements

The BBA degree offers a choice of seven majors:

In addition to the 60 credit hours of lower division course work including the business pre-core, 60 credit hours of upper division course work is required for the BBA. This course work will be divided equally between business core courses and a combination of major courses and electives, depending on your choice of major or track. The business core is the same for every major in the BBA.

In recognition of the needs of adult learners, the college has created several attractive alternatives to the traditional learning model as paths to earning a BBA degree.

These programs have been carefully constructed to accommodate the schedules of people who have other demands on their time such as jobs or family. The programs offer a great deal of flexibility and are staffed by people who understand what it is to juggle priorities.

The BBA Online takes advantage of the latest technology for delivering course content to enable you to pursue your education anywhere there is an Internet connection. You will rarely need to appear on campus.

The Professional BBA Program is offered either on weekends or in the early morning. Unlike other programs, a benefit of the Professional BBA program is that you will be in a cohesive community of other students—learning and growing together. Most people find that they receive a great deal of support and gratification from interaction within the group.

The alternative BBA programs are rigorous and will require a serious commitment. We look forward to exploring your options with you.

Admissions requirements

Students are admitted to the College of Business in their junior year. You must be admitted to the college in order to enroll in senior-level business courses.

Admission requirements to the college vary depending on whether you are a currently enrolled FIU student or a transfer student.

If you are currently an FIU student, you can specify business as your intended major after the completion of 30 credit hours. Please contact Undergraduate Academic Advising to discuss how to do this. If you are transferring into the university, you must apply through Undergraduate Admissions.

Currently enrolled FIU Students

In order to be admitted to the Landon Undergraduate School in the College of Business, you must meet the requirements listed no later than the first semester of your third year of undergraduate study at Florida International University.  Please refer to the FIU Undergraduate Catalog for a complete and detailed listing of all admission requirements.

To be admitted to the R. Kirk Landon Undergraduate School of Business, you must have:

  • completed 60 hours with a minimum grade point average of 2.5 on all lower division work and upper division non-business courses (including transfer coursework)
  • completion of either (a) all UCC requirements and 60 lower division credits, or (b) an Associate of Arts (AA) from a Florida accredited institution
  • completed all business pre-core requirements

Transfer Students

Transfer students interested in applying to the College of Business' Landon Undergraduate School of Business first must submit an application for admission to Florida International University and follow regular university admission procedures. Applicants must meet the university’s requirements for admission before being eligible for admission to the college. Please see the FIU Undergraduate Catalog to learn about the university’s admission requirements.

The university requirements are:

  • an Associate of Arts (AA) degree or 60 credit hours with a minimum of 2.00 grade point average (GPA). See transfer of course work for additional details.
  • two years of credit in one foreign language at the high school level or 8-10 credits in one foreign language at the college level (earned after 1989),
  • for applicants whose native language is not English, minimum score of 500 paper-based and a minimum score of 173 computer-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or satisfactory completion of college level English courses.

Applicants who do not have an AA degree and have not completed the university’s core curriculum may complete this course work at Florida International University (FIU) once they have been admitted.

In addition to meeting the university’s admission requirements, acceptance into the BBA program in the Landon Undergraduate School in the college requires that you have:

  • completed all of the university’s core curriculum requirements with a minimum 3.0 GPA. Upper level business courses taken are not included in this GPA computation.
  • completed the business pre-core requirements with a grade of "C" or higher in each course
  • completed these requirements no later than the first semester of your third year of undergraduate study.

Please contact Undergraduate Student Services for more information.