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Entrepreneurs' "How To" Webinar Series: Legal Issues Facing Growth Stage Entrepreneurs

December 9th, 2014, 11:00am to Noon Speaker: Zacharia Evangelista, Esq. Attorney and Founder Evangelista Law, P.A. When your company is raising capital it is important to understand the legal landscape into which your company is about to venture. This webinar will explain the types of financial instruments and securities used by companies to raise capital, the kinds of terms and conditions that are generally associated with such instruments and securities, and the regulatory environment involved with raising capital. Learning Objectives Understanding the differences between debt and equity, and how each can be used to raise capital. Identifying and understanding the rights and obligations your company will have with each type of security. Understanding the types of actions (and even omissions) that can lead YOU and your company to violate State and Federal securities law. Registration for each session is $25.00/registrant.

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